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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Balls in Space! Otherwise known as Spaceballs! Review!

When you see guys wearing balls on their heads, you know you're watching Spaceballs. At least you will after this review. This is a Star Wars spinoff just so you know, but it's so different you may forget it's supposed to be Star Wars. It's based on the last trilogy, and it's dang funny. I mean, when you see midgets that look like mickey mouse dancing around the desert singing the Barney theme song, you know you're watching a funny movie. The main characters are: Lonestarr [Luke], Princess Vespa [Leia], Darth Helmet [Vader], Barf [Chewbacca], and Yogurt [Yoda]. So if you've seen the Star Wars movies you know the basic plot, but it's a little different. Basically, it's all about balls. Balls. Balls. Balls. Balls on dudes heads. Oh yeah, the Storm Troopers are called Spaceballs. It's got all the main Star Wars moments, balls style [whatever that is]. Just so you know, Helmet doesn't like his Balls. He thinks they're stupid and annoying. If I didn't say already, this movie is funny. It's also really unique. You won't see industrial-sized blow dryers, pepperoni pizza spheres called Pizza the Hut, robot maids that suck and blow, balls combing deserts, and The Schwartz in any other movie. The special effects are..ehh...but then again this is from 1987, so it doesn't really lose anything on my score for that. The cast is pretty good. Mostly unknowns, but a few stand out such as Bill Pullman. Spaceballs is definitely the best Star Wars spin-off I've ever seen. Then again, that's not saying much seeing as it's the only Star Wars spin-off I've ever seen. For the $5 it is now, you have to check this out. Spaceballs gets 3.5 [half a ball? that's just weird...] big white balls out of 5.


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