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Monday, March 13, 2006

Jeeves, Jeeves, Where For Art Thou Jeeves?

The other day I flipped on my tv to watch a little. On was a weird commercial with people acting like monkeys. Weirded out, I was wondering what this commercial was promoting. Then one of them went on their computer and went to Now I and many other people would recognize the web address of as Ask Jeeves, but no. Now our beloved Jeeves has been fired from the house of ask :-(. Now if you go to or or some other one that was once AskJeeves, you will be sent to the new and improved But Jeeves will not be forgotten and live in our browser's history forever. So here is a little tribute to Jeeves by having a load of pictues of him on!! Yay. So good bye Jeeves, hmm, I wonder who is next.


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