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Monday, March 13, 2006

New PSP confirmed

With all the rumors floating around like butterflies in a spring meadow (I did NOT write pet bee Hal.....he just said "hi folks") about a new PSP, Sony had to do something about it. Well, they didn't, but Ain't It Cool News has done it for them and CONFIRMED that a new PSP with a 4GB Hard Drive and a digital camera will be released. Whether or not they can be trusted, I don't know. If it's true, then it could mean a price drop for the original PSP, or maybe discontinuation. If this isn't true, then I think Sony might sue them for pretending to be Sony and announcing a new product. What do I think? I'll be mighty pissed if 4 months after I bought my PSP, Sony came out with another. Just like I am at Nintendo for the DS Lite. Oh well, we'll just have to sit around like good little chimps and wait to see what Sony has to say. It's the Return of LinkyTM to bring you to the full story!


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