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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Junk From Google

Yes, that's right Goggle's cousin Google has released more junk for people with too much time on their hands [A.K.A. you] to play with. It's about the Google Earth stuff. But just because it's about Google Earth, doesn't mean they're trying to care about the environment, no, that would be too nice of them. They don't fool me. O.k. They're making a deal with VW to set up a GPS system on Google Earth. Before they do this however, they're going to amp up the graphics to "unprecedented levels of detail and realism". Once it's done though, you'll be able to get real-time traffic updates, gas station prices, restaraunt opening times, and more. As of now, you CAN use the GPS system with the way Google is now, but it's not very useful. Just like a cat in a very wet bathtub, useless. Whenever it's announced when this will be done, I'll let you know. Now, dun da dun! Here's Linky with your link! Now for the other part of the story, Google has gone to check up on E.T. If he lives on Mars... Wait, E.T.'s not on Mars, he's on Earth! I think he goes by the name of Kevin Pereira.... Anyway, yes, Google has gone to new heights with their Google Earth program. They've sent up rockets to Mars and they're building Google Mars right now. It's being updated as we speak, and it's already partially up. I think it's pretty cool that you can look at Mars whenever you want. It'll be easier to prove that people actually are living on Mars......because they are......I just know it!.....unless Joe [the hobo] lied to me......Oh well, it's up partially and you can check it out in a second. Wait for it. Waaait for it. Hey look! There's Linky! Done done done.


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