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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PS3 In November? Sony Comfirmed It.

Today at a Playstation conference in Tokyo, Japan, Ken Kutaragi "comfirmed" (like we haven't heard that before) that the PS3 will be released in early November of this year in North America, Europe, and Japan. Sony's website says that they will release it simultaneously in those places, but Ken Kutaragi says that that would physically impossible to do that. So based on that quote, it will be released in early November, but maybe on different dates in early November for different areas. Sony has confirmed though that it will have a production capacity of 1 million units monthly, which is nice. Also, there will be a large sum of games being released on the date of the PS3's launch. So we just have to hope that this is the release date of the long-awaited Playstation 3, but until then Sony fanboys, I guess you'll just have to stick to your PS2s and you PSPs.


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