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Monday, September 25, 2006

Dun dun dun... it's Marked Down Mondays with special guest Mr. Walmart Smiley!

Heeeeey guys been a long time, but here we go. Marked Down Mondays!!! Just to let you know this is going to be mostly my segment, Zam and I have agreed, and he's going to be taking one of the new ones we haven't introduced just yet. But enough small talk; Our special guest, The Walmart Smiley says he thinks he's ready, so let's dive right on in:

  • First deal is a 2 for $15 DVD sale down at the Best Buy, they have a gigantafreakinmongous selection, with some new ones like Constantine and Hitch in there, and also older stuff like The Mummy. I'll be doing that one for sure. Linky.
  • Next deal is a bunch of games, starting with World of Warcraft down to $20 everywhere (the damn monthly charge is almost more then the game now..!). They also have a deal at Best Buy when you buy 2 $20+ PC games, you get $10 back. Good deal there, and good linky here. Also the brand new Madden 07 for $40 on PS2 and XBOX, and $50 on XBOX 360. More linky. One more game deal - any and all new NBA games come with $10 gift cards. Linkytastic.
  • And here's your every week deal, a 2GB Flash drive for $40 and a 512MB one for $15. Nothing very special there... special linky is here though for the 2GB. Pet him with your pointay cursor thingy!
  • Errrmm.. what else we got.. John Mayer's new CD, Continuum for $9. Crazy good CD, I suggest picking that up. Linky got all dressed up in his sextastic sumo wrestler outfit for this one (Be afraid)!
  • And for the last deal, PS3's $1 PRICE DROP!!! You can get them for $599 instead of $600 everywhere now, I guess Sony had a change of heart and thought you'd like a candy bar with your PS3... I can hear the fanboys now... "Thank you Sony, we LOVE candy bars.. who cares if they're drugged to make us love you guys.. We love you Ken Kutaragi! *dreamy sigh*"
That just about ends it up for the night, I'll see you next week for another MDM guys!


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