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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


One of the new segments, Zam or I tells you about a cool song and gives you a link to download it or listen to it. I've done it before but now it's going to be an official segment (with a funky name) and it's going to be much shorter. The official day might be Tuesday but we're not sure just yet.. Onward!

This week's song is a pretty old one from a band called The Verve. The song is called The Drugs Don't Work. I found the band through Rockstar Supernova and the song Bittersweet Symphony.. but this is just a plain amazing song. "Like a cat in a bag/Waiting to drown/This time I'm coming down" + the way it's sung = a few lines that could definitely make people cry. Those lyrics are pure genius.. they give a horrifying picture. Go give it a listen no matter what music you like, it's considered rock but it's not really.

Instead of posting it up as a download I'm going to direct you here as that's legal to use, me posting it probably isn't (I don't really care but this is easier). So go there, type in the artist The Verve, and click on the song, it should play after about 5 seconds of loading.


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