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Monday, October 16, 2006

Diddy Kong Racing DS

Last week I did my Top 5 games of all time. You might remember I had Diddy Kong Racing for the N64 as number 2. Well, you can understand my excitement at learning of it's release for the Nintendo DS.

So here is a little bit about the game for you guys.

- 8 Player Single Card & multi-card wifi gaming

- Touchscreen and Microphone compatibility (I don't know what they have in mind with the mic. Maybe you have to scream at your guy and see get moving mother f!@#er to make him go faster?)

- Familiar characters, and courses(all 20 from the original game)

- Customizable vehicles

- New Weapons and challenges

- TT Wish Races (i.e. you can make your own courses)

As far as they characters are concerned, not all of them are returning. Fans of the game will remember Diddy Kong, Tiptup, Pipsy, Krunch, Timber, Drumstick, Bumper, and T.T. They'll all be back. You'll be losing Banjo and Conker, but we get a new character called Tiny Kong.

If you never played this game, trust me when I say it's great. You can compare it to Mario Kart, but add about 5 times the amount of fun. You have your traditional road courses, but you also get some water courses, and air plane courses. I put so much time into this game, and to this day I still debate going out and buying an old N64 just to play this game again.

Some other differences between Mario Kart and Diddy Kong are the boss races. There's a story to the game, and winning the races helps you get through the story. You battle characters in odd races, which is much different from Mario Kart. There are also missions that have nothing to do with racing. You have battles where you drive around with 3 balloons and do your best to bust your competitors before they bust you.

If you've had even one second of fun with Mario Kart, give this game a shot. You won't be disappointed. As far as I know, December 1st is the release date.

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