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Friday, October 13, 2006

Someone somewhere must REALLY hate me.

Well, I am pissed off at computers once again. I had Release Recap made up, nice and medium length, pictures in, and what do you know, I go to publish it, Firefox friggen crashes. Not only does Firefox crash, but so does Notepad where I had it written.

Someone somewhere must really hate me. Someone who has a big switch sitting in front of them that says 'Ton's computer work' and 'Ton's computer will now suck total ass'. Well I think it's stuck on the 2nd one right now...

I guess I'll get you Release Recap tomorrow, because now it's just too dang late and I don't feel like re-writing it right now anyway. Oh yeah and if I get time I guess I will get to that Syphon Filter review, or maybe Saturday morning... deskisions, deskisions.

And by the way, whoever you are that hates me, I hate you too man. :)


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