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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Must Have Games for the Nintendo Wii

With the Wii's release date quickly approaching, I thought I'd compile a list of Wii games most likely to give you your bang for your buck. Not only do they need to give you good money value to make this list, but they all must potentially use the new Wii control system to the best of it's abilities. So let's get on to the list:


This isn't going to be an action thriller, but it should be fun. Elebits are little creatures that give the world power and make everything run. From what I understand, they create electricity and things like that. For some reason they are lost, and it's your goal to collect them and earn now powers and movements.

The fun part of the game will be trying to find these guys. The can be hiding under plates, couches, anywhere. The key to the game is stealth. If you are throwing things around, you risk the chance of making the elebits run. However, if you take your time and pick things up slowly, trapping the elebits becomes much easier. Using your controller to pick things up in the environment should make for a fun, interactive experience.

Super Mario Galaxy

It's Mario! Does anything else really need to be said. It might not be out on the release date, but it will be a must have game as soon as it's released. Flying through space and running sideways, and upside down on planets sounds fun to me.

Wii Sports

If I remember correctly, this game is going to be packaged with the Wii. You get golf, baseball, tennis, boxing, and bowling. Using your controller to mimic the motions in these different sports should be extremely fun. Playing with two players will become increasingly fun. Imagine boxing your buddy, punching in the air with your controllers, and working up a real sweat. I can't wait to try this out. This should definitely bring the interactivity of the controllers out in full force.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

As soon as I heard about the Wii, Super Monkey Ball came to mind as a great game to bring over. Moving the controller up and down, left and right, all the while trying to maintain balance on the topsy turvy tracks should be a real challenge. Of all the games I'm listing, this is by far the one I want most.

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Like Mario, Sonic needs no introduction. Anytime you can fly around with Sonic it's a good time. From what I've read, the new controls have only enhanced the Sonic franchise.

Super Swing Golf Pangya

I know Wii Sports has golf included, but I just like the idea of playing any sport game using the new control system. For some reason swinging my arms around will give me more satisfaction when I play well. No longer will I just be hitting a button at the right time, I'll actually have to time my swing right, use the right speed, and angle. It should be great.

Red Steel

Of all the games mentioned above, none of them have been a real gritty action game. Every once in awhile though, a gamer needs to simulate killing someone. This game will let you use the controller like a gun, or slash the opponent down with a sword. At E3 they showed some of this game, and it's sure to be a good time.

In my opinion, these are the games I think everyone should try in order to get the best experience out of the Wii and it's new controls. All of the games, in some way will have you doing things you've never done in a game before. Some have old heroes being used in new ways, and others have new heroes trying to make a name for themselves. No matter what the case is, they are all sure to be fun.

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