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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sony's Game Division is Full of Crap and Should Die.

Not only is Sony as a console maker going loopy, but so is there games division. Just as I was beginning to regain hope it is all slashed away...

"'We've finally reached the stage where the car modeling is up to speed with the power of the PS3.' He's talking about the features of Gran Turismo: HD Premium which is the GT5 sneak preview with "full PS3 spec qualities".

Now we're talking about the Classic version. "Its very important to have assets to support the online depth we have".

GT:HD Classic content will feature 770 cars, 51 tracks, 4500 items - all downloadable.

We hope to add car parts, visual parts, things people can download to make modifications. This is being shown on the screen with the shop front image on the network platform. "We can't go public in saying this, but this is the GT version of iTunes." They haven't yet decided on pricing for any of these items.

Kaz talks about how they want to make items in the game as desirable, more like enviable, and that not every item or car will be available to every person. You have to be able to "afford" it. He wants to create that ownership lust that exists in the offline world."

Have you ever heard anything so greedy? What they are essentially saying is that you buy the game - it has the main game structure on the disk. Then you buy every single car and track seperately offline, parts too. Think about this: There are 770 cars and 52 tracks. At even 50 cents each that equals just shy of $400 if you want the full game. Let me ask you - do you want to pay $400 to get what should be included in the first place? I highly doubt it. You should get everything ready at launch in the original game. I understand add on packs for later cars and things they couldn't get in before launch, but making you pay to play the game after you already bought the actual game, what is that? They are going crazy if they think that's going to work. What's more? Another lie:
Damage? "Another piece of homework that we've always forgotten to submit". The crowd laughs, but Kaz says the hope to support damage models at the start of next year.

"Implementing damage, the biggest hurdle was obviously dealing with auto manufacturers. The philosophies from manufacturers is starting to gradually change. The best compromise at this point is to model damage to racing cars and not yet to consumer level cars."

Tisk tisk Sony, you think we believe it when Forza has it? Nope. Work harder next time or stop lying and say you didn't want to bother trying to get it.

So.. basically this is where I say "**** off" Sony "and die". Hey I just quoted Lindsay Lohan! If only I were sexy I could be her twin.. hey a guy can dream can't he? :)


  • In a way I like the idea. I doubt they are going to make you buy every little detail you need to make the game enjoyable. But if they add a few items here and there you can buy to make your car better, that seems like a fun idea to me. I'm not saying I'd buy the stuff, but if I really liked the game, who knows.

    By Blogger SmilesD, at 11:00 PM  

  • You mean you'd like buying a game then not being able to use it unless you buy more things for it?

    By Blogger Ton, at 12:31 AM  

  • They wouldn't sale an imcomplete game. I'm sure it's not going to be much different then how computer games have expansion packs and what not, excect they'll charge for car parts and stuff. They aren't going to say, hey, buy this game and then go by other things to make it work.

    By Blogger SmilesD, at 1:16 AM  

  • That's exactly what they said in the press conference. The game comes with no cars or tracks.

    So you have to buy some to play. At all.

    By Blogger Ton, at 4:52 PM  

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