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Thursday, October 19, 2006

These Releases are about to Re-pop-a-cap-in-you, so watch out!

This week is the biggest week in months for releases, with something like 5 gigantic titles out, and at least a few more smaller ones.

First is Battlefield 2142 which is probably the most popular PC game of the month, and the reason I hate my weak PC. Judging by early reviews this isn't a BF2 but it's still very fun, if you can run it I suggest getting it soon as you can.

Next is another game I am personally excited about, Splinter Cell: Double Agent on the 360, which is coming out on the other consoles later this month, but the 360 version is definitely going to be the best. Even though the 360's multiplayer demo was ballsish apparently the real one is off the wall good, so be checking that out soon as possible.

Then we have a very controversial game called Bully, which somehow got dropped with a T rating even though you beat little kids senseless, and is out this week on the PS2. I don't know why anyone would really want this.. but hey.. to each his own I guess, right?

And then is the sequel to one of Zam's favorite games and one of the original GM reviews, Destroy All Humans! It's now out on the PS2 and XBOX, and supposedly is just as fun as the first. Get on to that next time you are at the game store if you're looking for a lot of fun and aliens who enjoy using probes.

Next is the sequel to the popular Flight Simulator 2004, called Flight Simulator X, which you need to be warned will only run alright if you have a very high end PC, but it has a great level of detail to it's towns and cities, with buildings and streets where they should be. Oh yeah, and you can land on buses. Which is sweeet.

Justice League: Heroes came out on the DS, XBOX, PS2, and GBA.. but I think you should probably just wait for Marvel Ultimate Alliance next week. It looks a lot better. Then again I don't know too much about JL:H...

Also a few other small titles this week came out, Age of Empires 3: The Warchiefs expansion came out for PC, The Sims 2: Pets came out on PS2 GC and PC (I have no idea how expansions work with no hard drives..), Family Guy for PS2, XBOX and PSP which looks alright.. and last Nintendogs: Dalmations which doesn't really deserve a mention but can you blame me? I liked a 101 Dalmations.. don't laugh at me.. you mean people.. go away until there's another post.. then come back and comment..


  • Splinter Cell is amazing. The multiplayer has issues, but the single player has been keeping me awake both last night and this night.

    Great game and a must buy!

    By Anonymous Cat, at 11:38 PM  

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