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Monday, October 16, 2006

I can TWIG M 2.

What? Did I really forget TWIG M 2 yesterday? Oh right sorry about that, I was tired as a hedgehog in a blender.

Last week:

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So this week, we're going to be a little bit hyped up. Everything normal; MDM, Musicology, Videology, RR, will all be here. Oh yeah, I am thinking of not doing Photology as that did not work out too well. Anyway, D already did a previewish thing of Diddy Kong Racing for the DS, I'm going to review Battlefield 2 Modern Combat finally, and Zam is going to do a review or preview as well. Also once I get some time with it I am going to tell you about my experience with Need for Speed Carbon and Splinter Cell: Double Agent online, for those of you without a 360 with Live. That should be fun. Smiles will be doing some more of his own thing too, and Zam and I might get together our 5 most hated games ever.

Peace out you furry bunnies.


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