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Monday, October 16, 2006

Deals or No Deals? I say Deals.

First off is a great deal from Sandisk which I have personally used, you can get a 2GB flash drive for $40, a 1GB for $20, or a 512MB for $10 with mail-in rebates. These things are freaking small too, and they glow like night-lights.

Next is a deal for a you DS gamers: Best Buy is giving $5 off on all of the Touch Generation games for the DS, which is Tetris DS, Nintendogs, the Brain Age games, and Magnetica. I suggest Tetris.

And last up is a quick deal for you 360 gamers out there, one of the good 360 games out now, Dead Rising, is on sale for $40. That's $20 off bitches! Seriously go give it a whirl if you haven't yet, the price just makes it better.

And that is your infomercial for today.


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