Gamer Mania 2

Friday, September 16, 2005

Man, I want to play a good game on the Internet....... that is why there is Flash Fridays!!!!!

Yes, we have finally finished our new segment reveal. Now we are back to the first segment that we revealed. FLASH FRIDAYS!!! Yes, that little humble of annoying joy is on the internet and we are telling you about the best ones. Thank you Macromedia! (Oh why :-(, sad) Well today's Flash game is a pretty popular one. Guess The Google. You have probably heard of this and played it non-stop, but for those who haven't, here is an introduction to it. Guess The Google is a very fun game where they show you images from Google Image Search, and you have to guess what word was typed in to get that results. Confused? Well let me make it simpler for all of you who lost your brain in Halo 2. So, they show you a series of pictures, then you see what you would think those pictures would come under if you searched at Google. Still confused? (It is sort of hard to explain) Say, if you have every used Google Image Search, when you type in a word such as cheese, it comes up with things that have to do with cheese of course. Well, in this, they searched, got pictures, so you have to see those pictures and see what you think they searched for to get those pics. Ok? Well, it is a GREAT game, a fun thing to do when you are bored. A very different game. Ok, now I have a surprise for you all. I am going to add in another Flash game today because I feel like it. So, you saw in Tech News Thursday about the newly revealed Nintendo Revolution controller just revealed yesterday. Well, I know you thought that i was creepy, so I have something for you. It is called the Nintendo Controller Fake Editor. The Nintendo Controller Fake Editor was made before for people's guesses on the controller, but this is a perfect time. So, you can play around there and put what you would want the Nintendo Revolution controller to look like, or just have a little fun. This is also a GREAT flash game. Ok, that wraps up my Flash Friday thing. Now remember, good games can be free and easy, and on FLASH!!!



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