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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hmmm.......I need news.....That is why there are Tech News Thursdays!

Ok, so some people like news, and some people couldn't care less. But we make news fun, yay. Some important things happened this week. First let's start off with what I think is the most important news. Weblogs Inc. which owns popular blog such as Engadget and Autoblog, is being bought by AOL for $25 million. This is big news. This may change the way you look at Engadget forever. This will further help AOL rule the world. So it isn't only 2 blogs, it is 85 blogs that AOL will be taking away. They will use these blogs as things such as they did Moviefone. Who knows, maybe you get a exclusive game trailer or something. Next up to bat, is the Gizmondo. People have been talking about this since a little before the PSP came out. This has been advertised for so long, that people have forgotten about it. Well, it is going to be released on October 22nd for all of those people care. Now I am not saying not to go buy it, but with the PSP out, why would you want to. They are both pretty much the same thing. Well that is up to you. Here is another story. Ton and I were going around the interenet the other day, and (for some reason) went to There we saw a little graphic that said, "AIM Triton is here." We were both wondering what the heck that meant. Well, it is the new AIM Beta, and let me just tell you, IT IS SEXY! We were wondering when AIM was going to compete with Yahoo! and MSN messengers, which are both sexy and smart browsers with a lot of features. Well now they have. There are some really cool things in this one, tab talking, free XM radio(!), voice chat, and some other cool stuff. Ton and I will have a review coming soon where we will go into further detail. But if you don't want to wait for that, just go here to download it, and see for yourself. Going further into the news, apparently, Google has called war on Microsoft. Slashdot said that Google will be releasing a sort of chart/graph software to compete with Microsoft's Office Excel. Excel costs some money, yet Google's software is going to be FREE! This is definitely going to harm Microsoft. Then AOL will buy Google and they will team up with EA to rule the world, (not really, but they would rule the world if they did team up.) Now for some quick news summaries. Bill Gates has announced that they are going to put Palm's newest Treo will have it's first Windows OS (operating system). Next, Oakley just announced the Thump 2 glasses. Those not familiar with the Thump glasses, it is the ones with the built in MP3 player that everyone has been talking about. The 1GB ones will go for $450, 512 MB will go for $350, and 256MB will go for $300. Great for people who want to listen to music while not staring into the sun, that will melt all gamers. Video Game developers have just released a big list of games for the Xbox 360, first, first party company, Microsoft, is releasing, "Kameo: Elements of Power", and "Perfect Dark Zero." Take Two will be releasing "NBA 2K6", "NHL 2K6", "Top Spin 2", "Amped 3". and "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." Activision will be releasing "Call of Duty 2", "Quake 4", "Tony Hawk's American Wasteland", and the game "GUN", which at E3, they didn't release any info for. EA will be releasing "Need For Speed: Most Wanted", "FIFA 06:Road to FIFA World Cup", "NBA Live 06", "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06", and "Madden 06." Now you know what to buy if you are buying the 360. Next week, Apple is going to reveal a new iPod (to add to the 5 billion different kinds they already have.) Many believe it is going to be a video iPod, but are not sure if Apple will disapoint them or not. I think it is a bit too soon, they just released the Nano a few weeks ago, if people know what they are doing next, they won't buy the Nano and just wait for the next system. Oh well, it is Apple's decision, Steve Jobs doesn't care what I have to say, he is scared I might crack his screen (oooohhhh, just got served Stevey.) Now lets switch to some news about Apple's rival, Microsoft claimed that they will not be releasing any Microsoft Office software for the Linux operation system anymore. Some employees are saying that Microsoft is 100% focused on Windows. Which is starting to seem true. Sure, lose money Microsoft, see if Mac and Linux users care. Just keep spitting on them, just keep sitting on spirits while laughing at the name of thier mascot operation systems and downloadible free operationg systems. Go ahead, see if they don't destroy your company in a terrible "accidental" explosion, or 1 billion missing CDs of Vista, just see if they don't do that (ahhhhhhh, ok, I am fine now.) Japan is striking back by making switching some of their goverment computers to Linux. Ha, take that Microsoft, now Japan is striking back to your operating system after what they did with the Xbox. Hahahahahahahahahahaha (ok, now I am done.) Ok, now that is all for Tech News Thursday, join us next week well we will yell at Sony (stupid cheap, defective processing chips, grrr).


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