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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Website Wednsday that will bring you the facts, the Trivia Facts

Time for another Website Wednsday just like every Wednsday. Oh how boring it gets doing the same thing every week. So booooooooring. Don't you agree? I guess I have to do this so... If I absolutely have to write this, why don't you go to Cameron's Trivia Facts instead of reading this? Even though you probably aren't reading this because you're at CTF, I'll advertise for my friend who owns Trivia Facts by telling you all of the great things you can get for 3 small payments of $0. My friend, conveniently named Cameron, adds a set of new trivia questions every week and answers them the next week when he posts the next set of questions. I do have to give him props for the design of the site, I think I'll give him a doll prop from Conker: Live and Reloaded. You can deposit your own trivia questions and answers if you want and he will put them up, which is just one of the many things to see on our tour of Trivia Facts. He's got a forum, and an archive of trivia facts from the past 2 years that will get your brain twitching. Also, you can have him snail mail (otherwise known as email) you the answers if you sign up for his newsletter. Sure I had a knife to my neck when I decided (/was forced) to put this up, but it is cool anyway. The next website on the world wide web I caught when I was swinging around town in my Spiderman suit is a Zelda fansite called North Castle. I really love Legend of Zelda and I've been looking for a good fan-site. This one is made by Brits so that makes it good. Sure we've all seen our share of Legend of Zelda fansites (...or.....not), but they are all the same. This one has something really cool. It has a library! No no, I don't mean the ones where you actually learn stuff, that wouldn't be any fun, now would it? I mean a Fan-fiction library with over 200 "books". Of course, everyone has seen fan-fic libraries, but this one has a new feature, it doesn't suck! If you happen to go there, I suggest you read Angels 1 and 2 and the trilogies by the Singletons. As a matter of fact, you might like Angels 1 and 2 even if you don't like LOZ. So just hop on Epona and gallop over there. Hope you like the sites, if you don't, you will be exterminated in 7 days. 7 days.......


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