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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dead Rising Review

If you are human you probably know what a zombie is.. right? Well good, next question is does shoving them in the crotch with chainsaws sound fun? Yes, right? If you answered yes to both of those then Dead Rising is for you. One warning though, this game is quite the bloodfest.

First up is the good. There's enough of it.. First of all this game has an interesting story full of treachery, violence, government corruption, and quite a lot of other things. At first it seems like Capcom just dropped a reporter in a mall full of zombies for 3 days, but the plot slowly comes together and gets very interesting.

One of the other very big plussels this game has is that you can use just about anything you want to whack zombies. You find it you can attack with it. There are things from bowling balls, to olive oil, to lawn mowers and cars. Some of the things have the same effects but when you get a katana and slice a zombie straight down the middle of his head down through his crotch, you know you've got a cool game on your hands.

There are some other small things that make up this game that are good, like how the story can be done if you want, or you can just go around and kill zombies. You go on the story missions if you want. There are also tons of side missions. The other interesting thing is that they have an infinity game mode that you can unlock where all you do is try and kill every zombie. All 53,594. Oh yeah. That's actually the biggest plus. THERE ARE 53,594 ZOMBIES IN THIS MALL!

Now it's time to meet Dr. Evil who has the bad for us. Dun dun dun...! The biggest turn off of this game (you know you thought it was sexy in a I'm-Gonna-Eat-Your-Brain kind of way) is the save system. You save once in a bathroom or the security room and then when you try to save again you have to overwrite it. So that means if you want to try killing more zombies and take less time on the missions, and you screw up, you have to start from the beginning again. You get to keep your level and everything, but this is VERY annoying. The fact you can only save in certain places doesn't help.

And another thing on the negative end of this battery, the action can get repeatitive after playing a while even though there are all the different weapons.. Meh that's never good. It does last a while though.

There are a few other small things like the aiming system, you hold down the aim button then you have to use the left thumbstick to aim, which is awkward since most games have you aim with the right. But you don't do too much aiming so it's not too hard to avoid. Something else is how your escortees are pretty stupid sometimes. I think the last thing I'm going to say about this game that's bad is that the text you have to read is very small and fuzzy if you're using a standard-def TV, no matter how big. If you have bad eyes I doubt you'll be able to read this at all, and even with good ones it can be hard.

I'm just going to cut the tension with a knife and give Dead Rising its score. 4 out of 5, because despite its downfalls, it can be quite fun a lot of the time. Peace out.


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