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Monday, October 09, 2006

We're giving you rolled back prices and we're not Walmart, so suck it Wally World!

Deal #1 is on something a bit outdated but if you don't mind the fact that they're 5G instead of the new 5.5 ones, Overstock has got White 30GB iPods for $210. So you might not get the new bright screen and all, but you save $40.. so that's worth checking out. The Linkitization is right here.

Deal Numero 2 is a gigantic SD Memory card for $28. Oh yeah, by 'gigantic' I mean 2GB!!!!! Those things usually cost like.. $40-50. So this is a great deal guys if you need memory. You have been linked up like sausage links.

And here's a very nice deal on a good game - The Prince of Persia Warrior Within for only $4! I'm actually going to have to use this as I have Sands of Time and for $4 I can't pass up this one. Here's a link to the XBOX version but I bet it's the same for all of the versions if you look.

And the last deal of the night is for if you're looking for an mp3 player a bit smaller then the iPod I had up top. You can get the $200 Sandisk Sanza 2GB Mp3 player (which is nice and tiny and a good player from what I've heard) for just $110 on Amazon. So if you want some tunes in a stick go on and click here.. you know you want to.


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