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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I want something cool to happen to these games......That is why there are Tips & Tricks Tuesdays

Ok, I am doing Tips & Tricks Tuesday this week, (YAY). I can hear you jumping with joy. Today I have a collection of Halo 2 glitches, and some cheats. Maybe a Hot Coffee code if you are feeling lucky. Well, my first Halo 2 glitch is an easy, yet very cool one. It is a flying thing. Here are the instructions. This is only for multiplayer. So here are what you need, a buddy, two controllers, an Xbox, blablablablabla, you get it. Then go to a multiplayer map that is big with a Banshee and a Warthog, (Coagulation would be best). Now grab a Energy Sword and do the following. One of you go and drive you Warthog to a nice little road area. The other take the Banshee to the same place. Now when you both are in the same place, (here is when it gets pretty hard to understand/explain), line up the back of the Banshee with the passenger's seat of the Warthog. Ok? Then, the one with the Energy Sword, needs to get into the passenger's seat. Once you are inside the banshee, the other person should get close to you. Close enought to you to where the aim thing turns red. Then press and HOLD the right trigger. If you hit your friend and he lays helpless on the floor, crying for chocolate milk, YOU DID IT WRONG!!! But, if you were lucky, and smart enough to follow my instructions, then you would still be in the seat. Now, the other person that is being aimed out, (and is scared to death about being sliced), he should get into the Banshee. Once in the Banshee, he need to fly it in a straight line away from the Warthog with the back still aiming toward the passenger's seat. Once the person in the Banshee gets as far and as high as he can, the person in the passenger's seat should press X, WHILE STILL HOLDING THE R TRIGGER. Then you will fly towards it. It looks really, really cool. My next glitch is how to hold No weapon at all in you hand. This is handy if you want to be a camera man in one of those Halo 2 shows. Such as This Spartan Life or Red vs. Blue. All you need to do is to change the rules to Oddball. Now, go to the options and set the first weapon as the Plasma Pistol, (the charging one). Then, start the game. Find the Skull, hold the R trigger, don't let go. Then, quickly go over the Skull while pressing (but not holding) X to try to pick it up. Repeatedly press it while going over. If done correctly you should be holding nothing. This is awesome!! Looks really cool. Next, our some cheats (oh boy). These cheats are for the game, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. To put a code in at the main secreen you need to go to "Extras," Option, and select "Code Input." Then highlight "Enter Code String." When you enter a code correctly, you will get a confirmation on screen, and then you have the option of turning the code on or off (but why would you want to turn these off?) There are a ton of codes, but I am only going to tell you 7 (why 7? Because i like 7.) SMASH10 will give you an additional 10,000(!) Smash Points! Dang! BRINGIT (oh, what a code) will double the health collectable value. Here is an interesting one, to turn the game Black and White, type in RETRO. Now the next codes requires you to have a Comic book icon during gameplay. You need this. The first one is a straight forward one, DESTROY. That will double the Hulk's damage values. YAY! A funny one is when you can replace those pesky missiles in the Outskirts with Cows, just simply type in CHZGUN. To have an alway fun one is low gravity, to do this simply type in PILLOWS and watch yourself walk like the moonmen. And the last one, is where you can get an additional 15,000(!!!) Smash Points, just type in SMASH15. Now this concludes my Tips & Tricks Tuesday, I know, I wish it wouldn't end either, but we need small posts for those people with Dial-Up. Hope you enjoyed it gamers.



  • What's up guys. I came across a Linux based handheld. I thought you might be interested in it. Here's a link.

    By Blogger asdf, at 6:45 PM  

  • Wow!! Cool handheld. Nice find dude.

    By Anonymous Zam, at 8:05 PM  

  • Nice one! That's a good find, but I noticed it only does 2d games :-( For now I think I will stick with PPC's and Palms, but if they build on this, I might change my mind

    By Anonymous Ton, at 11:39 PM  

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