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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meteos Review

Meteos for the Nintendo DSMeteos, oh Meteos, oh how I love Meteos. Now I shall explain my love of Meteos for the Nintendo DS in a review. First of all this is a very good game. It is very weird how both the PSP and DS's best games are puzzle games. The good stuff about this game. Well. The graphics are good. Little blocks look great in Meteos! The gameplay is preeeetty simple. It's like Tetris but different. You use the stylus to move bricks up and down columns to make rows of 3, 4, or if you're lucky 5. Once they make rows or columns, they'll blast off. Before you say goodbye to the Meteos however, you have to meet gravity. Yes, gravity, oh how meaaan gravity can be, pulling down those Meteos that you wasted your time shooting up. However, you can be mean back by making more rows or columns of Meteos in the one you sent up, or shoot up some from below to push the ones already up there up more. Got that? Oh you don't? Too bad.I think those Meteos are lonely down sad That's pretty much all there is to the actual game. Let's see. There are 30 planets which I think you are firing off of, all of them have different amounts of gravity and different kinds of blocks. The thing about the gravity has to do with how fast or slow the Meteos go up, how far they'll go, and sometimes if you can't launch blocks in certain ways easily. An example is you couldn't launch a row of Meteos up the if you only tried sending up one set, but if you set up a second one under it and launched it off right after, they would go up lightning fast. There are a few game modes, Time War, Simple, Deluge, and Star Trip. Star Trip is the most fun, you get a path of planets you have to conquer, there are 3 different types of paths, and I think 2 of them have missions on each planet. There is wireless and no online, and you are an idiot if you thought it had online when Nintendo hasn't even started their online yet. The wireless has download play, so you can download the game to other people's DS's so you can play with them without them having a DS. The cool thing about this is you can unlock tons and TONS of stuff out of the Meteos you have launched. Stuff including music you can listen to and new planets to launch from. Speaking of sound, there is so much variety in it you will never get bored of it. One last note, a cool little thing is that you can drag the buttons on the menus around. Oh yeah and there is nothing bad about this game. This is a good, solid, and very puzzling game. It is also 5 Meteoses out of 5.



  • Hey D.S., if you comment on here and see this, I checked out your blog and left a comment on the new web shots post, I think the blog overall is really good.

    By Anonymous Ton, at 12:21 AM  

  • Hey, thanks for checking out the blog. I try to keep it as interesting as possible. Some days there isn't much to talk about it though.

    Anyways, when it comes to the PSP. I've had a gameboy color and gameboy advance sp. Neither one grabbed my attention and I could never get into the games. Do you think a PSP would change my mind? Some of the games I like to play are football games. Metal Gear Solid for PS1, Sly Cooper, and right now I'm playing XIII and I like it.

    Would you recommend it to me, someone who doesn't typically like handheld game units?

    By Blogger asdf, at 11:46 PM  

  • Well, the PSP is a totally new spin on portable gaming, don't even compare it to the Game Boys. So, yes, I think it might change your mind, especially since it is being aimed more at more mature gamers instead of kids, which I think is a good thing. About the games...hmmm....let's see. Football games are definetely going to be available on the PSP so you'll probably like that, Metal Gear Solid kind of games well....I'm not exactly sure how well they will work with only a little nub and a directional pad. Sly Cooper, you should definitely see games like that on the PSP and XIII, I've never played and I don't really know what it's about so.....Overall, I think you should give the PSP a try, but you might want to wait till the price drops and also try it somewhere first (store or if someone you know has one). The PSP is a totally new spin on portable games, so you might like it.

    By Anonymous Ton, at 11:58 PM  

  • Enter Command - Erase last sentence of last comment. Apparentely when I copied it to the top it didn't cut so just forget it is there.

    By Anonymous Ton, at 12:00 AM  

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