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Monday, September 19, 2005

More cheap stuff for cheap people in this Marked Down Monday

Hey it's me, Ton Ton Ton! This is my first Marked Down Monday, and I have some good hardware deals. First of all, everyone has shunned wires from their houses, and if you're one of the few who hasn't well you should go pick up this Logitech Wireless Desktop and even get some free speakers. It's not exactly the keyboard with the most buttons, but buttons aren't always good, sometimes they're evil and try to take over the rest of your keyboard (I's happened to me). Next up, a set of speakers from Logitech that seriously will rock your world. Go check them out here, this is the 2.1 version, I have the 5.1 version of them and they are awesome. Since these are only $30 and the 5.1 are $95, I'd just pick up the 2.1 especially since the cables are reeeeally short on the 5.1 and it's hard to get them behind you (I am messing with that as I type this). Next, in this age of growing hard drive capacities (as in every 10 minutes there is a new hard drive with 100 GB more released), you really should get around 300 GB if you can, and now Best Buy is making it much easier with this Seagate 120 GB Internal Hard Drive for only......$35 AFTER MAIL IN REBATES!!! This means if you only have one CD or DVD drive or something like that in your PC, you can put 360 GB in for around $100!!! That is greeaaaat. Also this week at Best Buy, you can get a BFG/Nvidia AGP graphics card with 256 MB of RAM (Which you all NEED so you can play Battlefield 2) for only $120, mind you it isn't a 6800 GT, but it is still 256 MB, but BUT it isn't PCI Express, then again if you're cheap enough to buy this, you're probably too cheap to have PCI-E too. It also doesn't look at cool if you have a case with a clear door and you can see the card. What else, what else? Oh yes, if you don't have an LCD monitor yet, you probably should get one, I wonder where you could get one.......maybe here would be a good place to check. Really if you still have a CRT like I do (unless you LOVE that CRT), you should spend the $200 to get a 17" LCD. Lastly I saw this and just thought you would like to know about it. At Best Buy, they have some rather new DVD's for $10 this week, including Spiderman 2, Elektra (I don't see why everyone says that was bad, I love it), The Aviator, Ocean's Twelve, and a few other good movies. Also as we get closer to the end of the year, the deals I show you on hardware should be getting better and better since I am planning on making a gaming rig at the end of the year and I want the best prices I can find. If any of you want the planned specs, I guess I can share them. An Intel 3.0 [or 3.2] Ghz processor, 1.5 GB of Corsair DDR RAM, An Nvidia 256 MB 6800 GT PCI Express Video card, 200 GB of storage, Logitech Surround Sound, and maybe a ViewSonic 17" LCD Monitor (All subject to change). I am done now, Alakazam!! [I am gone]



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