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Sunday, October 08, 2006

This Week In GM2!

Let's hit the time machine first for last week:
And this week, we'll have all the regular segments, MDM, Musicology, Videology, maybe Photology, no Website Wednesdays this week unless we find some good ones (remember we said that's an every other week thing), and maybe Photology will finally come out of the box. I might get around to that NBA Live 06 review, but I don't know any more. It's just going to be an angry hate letter to EA in all reality because that game was the worst thing I have ever played.. but maybe. I'll do a review though, maybe of the great PSP game Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. And Zam should be doing Lego Star Wars 2 in the next day or two now that he's beat the main story, maybe something else later in the week too.

But our main problem is Fridays. As you can see we're definitely bad at making our posts on Fridays, because well, almost every one Zam and I are out on. So what I think we're going to have to do is put Release Recap on Thursdays. Don't be expecting anything on Fridays from us on a regular basis. Sorry guys, but we've got lives too.

Hope to see you this week on GM2, and we'll give you a post card to send home if you do come!


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