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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Apple "fun" meeting

The meeting had 3 things: a waste of cow, an overpriced white noisemaker, and a white doohickey that makes pictures come up on a screen (preeetty). First, the waste of cow. Well, it's a leather case. For your iPod. For $100. Yeah. At least it costs $358 less then Sir Jobs' outfit at the meeting...which wasn't a waste of was a waste of cotton...So it'll come in 3 sizes: a 30GB, a 60GB, and a Nano one. Seriously, who in their right mind would pay $100 for a case for anything? Jobs calls it a leather case, I call it a waste of cow, CNN calls it a controversy [or....not]. Next is the white noisemaker. Oh wait, the hi-fi noisemaker. That stands for High Fidelity if you care, but you don't. Ok, so it's a hi-fi stereo for your iPod. One size fits all.'s elastic. Supposedly it's small - but I don't buy that, I know it's just a ploy. I see that this is all a scheme. To do what? I don't know. But it's a scheme. A $350 scheme. Yeah. $350 for a white noisemaker. As a wise man once said "This is pile of crap". So yeah, a hi-fi stereo for your iPod for $350 with an infared remote. Yeah. Ok, to the last part of the "fun" meeting. You know those white boxes called Mac Minis? Well guess what. They're making them new. And improved. And Intel. With Intel Inside stickers. With probably no Intel Inside. Uhhuh. There are two versions of these "new" Mac Minis: the 1.5 ghz one for $600 and the dual 1.66 ghz one for $800. It's a no-brainer. The $800 one is teh better deal. The specs aren't bad for the price, however, the video RAM is shared, so don't be expecting to play Smack A Chicken on this Mac. You need the G4 for that. Also, they'll now have 4 USB ports and the new Front Row software. So yeah. A white box. For $800. How this is different from the $350 one. I don't know. That is one of the great mysteries of the world. How this was a fun meeting. Another great mystery of the world. You figure them out. I'm too lazy. Bye.

Oh Look A Movie Review Of The Movie Rent

Oh why did I have to watch this movie. I mean I thought the commercials were bad enough getting the song "Seasons of Love" stuck in my head and all day I end up humming the tune and occasionally saying "525,600 minutes." But then my girlfriend made me watch this musical that just blasts tons of music into your head. I mean in this movie they break into song every 2 minutes. Did you know there is only about 20 minutes of talking during the whole 2 hr 15 min. movie? Yes, ONLY 20 MINUTES!! Ok, I'm hitting too hard on this movie. Let me tell you a bit about the story. There are a big group of friends that like each other and most of them have AIDS. Then they sing and sing about some stuff that happens to them. One's named Mark, played by Anthony Rapp, who enjoys making films and he makes one throughout the film of what happens, one is Roger, played by Adam Pascal, who is Mark's HIV positive roommate who need to write a song before the year of 1989 ends, one is Tom (Collins), played by Law & Order's Jessie L. Martin (who surprisingly sings GREAT), who is HIV positive and falls in love with a transvestite named Angel, played by William Jermaine Heredia. Another one in the group is a HIV positive stripper named Mimi, played by Rosario Dawson, who tries to get with Roger. One who was not said to have AIDS or not is Maureen, played by Idina Menzel, who is a leader of a protest which is against a building that is being controlled by their landlord Benny, played by Taye Diggs. Maureen once dated Mark but dumped him for a lawyer named Joanne, played by Tracie Thoms, and they get engaged (which is soon ended by a song). They go through a bunch of stuff like a protest, to dancing and singing on tables to singing at a funeral. So overall, this movie is pretty good. I mean some of the songs you are like, "Hmm, that a pretty good one, I like the toon," but some you just lean back and go "Oh man, I can't believe they have to sing about that." I enjoyed most of this film, its good, but alert before you watch it, there are some crying parts and this movie may get you a bit depressed. You can get this movie on DVD now. But one tip when watching it, after you see it, go to the special features and check out the alternate ending, it is VERY good. Ok, I'm gonna break into song, "The movie RENT gets threeeeeeeeeheeeeeeeee singiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg HIVeeeeeeeeeee positive friends out of fiiiiiiiiiiiveiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiva. (If you didn't get that it's: The movie RENT gets 3 singing HIV positive friends out of 5.)

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nintendo Revolution Official Release Date?

On YouTube there is a sweet video of the Revolution and the controller. It's a sweet vid of close-ups of the hardware with a white background and classical type porn music background music. At the end there is a date of 12.6.06 that flashes up for a second. There is also a logo. So if this is real, then it reveals a release date and a logo. A twofer. Unfortunately, this video is most likely a fake thing made by some guy with porn music in his iTunes. Tell us what you think. Here is the video:

[If that doesn't work, here is a link to it.]

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Some new dvdz. Yeah.

Well, I've been looking around, and I've found a list of big DVDs that'll be released in the next month or 2. The first one is Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire. I saw this when it was in theaters, and I'll highly recommend buying this one on DVD. I'm not gonna go into the story, because if you're interested you've probably read the book and already know. This one's hitting shelves on the 7th, so get your brooms ready to fly over and pick it up. Next up is the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. As you hopefully know, this is the first book in the Narnia series. I saw this one in theaters too, and I won't lie, I didn't think it was all that great. I think that Disney made it all a little bit to aimed at kids, when a lot of the people who saw it were older. The best reason I see to watch this movie is: big, furry, gigantinormous, lions! I mean......they're so.....FURRY! Anyhows, I'm gonna call this a rent. Oh yeah, that hits sheleves and digi-shelves everywhere, April 4th. Ok so maybe not everywhere, but everywhere in the U.S., which I basically consider everywhere that IS anywhere.....O.K. I'll give you a hint about the next one. It features the King of Kong. Don't get it yet? It's King Kong, you idiot. I'll sum this movie up in one sentence. King Kong, the big ape dude, tries to keep Naomi Watts as a pet so he can stick her up his nose and she can tell him what's up there. Seriously. That thing's like the Bat Cave [I wonder if there are any bats up there.....]. Yeah, way interesting. Anyway, I saw this one yo, and it was off da hizzle. You should definitely get it on March 28th yo. That would be a good idea. The next one's Walk the Line. It's all about walking along a line. For 2 hours. Yeh. Ok, it's actually about Johnny Cash's live. I wish I could tell you how this movie is so good, but I haven't gotten to see it yet. Anyway, I'm gonna definitely rent it this week, AFTER it comes out on Tuesday. Alright, just a couple more. Jarhead's hitting store on the 7th. I've heard that this one's about the true life of a soldier. Sounds pretty good. Check that one out. Now for the quickies. Disney's Dreamer, featuring Dakota Fanning, is coming to your city on March 21st. The littlest chicken of them all, Chicken Little, is also hitting stores on the 21st. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is set to hit stores on the 25th of the April. One last one. Think you can make it? Derailed featuring Jennifer Aniston is hitting you [you lucky dog, you] on the 21st. That's all on the DVD sizzene for now. You know what a good idea is? To pick up some of these DVDs. You know what a better idea is? To get them from Doug's Amazon link [below the Yahoo ads].

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Hey guys it's Ton, I'm just here to apologize about the lack of bloggage this week. Zam and I've been pretty busy, so we just haven't been able to get to it. We'll make sure to get back into it as soon as we can, which'll probably be next week. When we do start back, we'll make sure there's at least a review and a preview for you to munch upon. That's all for now peoples. By the way, this is our 250th post!!! Yay!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Game Over For Original DS

Nintendo's "Regginator" had an interview on GameHead (SpikeTv) and stated two things. One is that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will be delayed until Fall 2006 :-(, and secondly hinted that Nintendo might discontinue the original bulky Nintendo DS in favor of the new DS Lite. Apparently, having both systems out on the market is explosive. I guess this is a good thing for Nintendo because they won't have to spend so much money manufactoring the same system but with different looks. I guess Nintendo is working like the modeling agency, going for the newest, hottest thing and leaving the dull, thick thing behind. To bad though. Ton and I really liked the original. For all of those who still want an original, don't worry, you still have time, the discontinuation will commense in Fall. And this is not official yet, but it is probably going to happen, so we will see.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nintendo Revolution Logo Revealed, An Accident, Or A Prediction?

Ever search around an important website and find info that is accidently placed there and you weren't supposed to see it for a while later? Ehh, I think I have once, but it might have happened on the official website of the game developer Blitz Games. Apparently, on their website under the "Corporate" tab on their site, there are a few game console logos on the side showing which consoles/handhelds their games will be involved with. Well just earlier today, people have discovered that they have a Nintendo Revolution logo on there. Nintendo has not revealed their logo yet, but they have probably showed it to those who they are working with. But I checked today, and they took it down. So, was it real? Did someone from Blitz Games accidently put it there, put it there for publicity, for fun, maybe made their own logo in photoshop as a prediction, but then get publicity in the long run. Maybe so, but who knows. Well, last year, there was also a leaked logo (this one a sheet with multiple logos on it) which origins are still unknown of. So I guess we can only see what happens. I wonder what Nintendo thinks of this.

There're Not Done Yet, Even More News About The Nintendo DS!

Yes, they are not done yet. There is even more DS/DS Lite news on the newsfront. But this one is BIG news. This time it is something nearly everyone wants on their DS. I'm talking about a browser and tv tuner!!! First, we will start with the browser. Simply, there will be an Opera based browser on the DS for you to surf the web. This is going to be great for Nintendo's battle against the Sony PSP. Oh yeah, and did I mention, it's not just for the DS Lite, it's also for the DS!! Your welcome cheap gamers out there, Nintendo is looking out for you. The browser will be on DS card and cost $30, but hey, a small price to pay for such a large feature. The next big thing is the tv tuner. It will be a little pack thing that will go into the DS card slot with a antennae on the top. It will then try to beam channels if it can. Ok, people are starting to think that these features will only be in the eastern part of the world, but it might come here (hopefully.) We will see soon if we can check our e-mail, look at our porn and watch our shows on the beautiful double-screened game system.

"What Hurts The Most" video

The hit group Rascal Flatts has another single, called What Hurts The Most. Just today they released a video to go with it on CMT's Top 20, and let me tell you, it's really powerful. It's about a couple who almost made it but ended up breaking up because the girl couldn't tell the guy she loved him even though she did. Anyway, this video is damn good. They added some video that doesn't have the song playing during that makes it really sad, but good. By the way, this is coming from their new CD, Me and the Gang, which is looking to be another one full of hits. I really can't say much more about this video, you just have to watch it to see how good it is. Sadly, you can't get the song or the video anywhere yet, so all you can do it listen to it on the radio or watch it on CMT. Anyway, time to watch it. Right now! I SAID NOW! Oh....crap.....I didn't allow linky to show you the way. Whoops. Here linky, show them the way! Sionara bloggers!

Ton's Song of the Week

So, Zam and I have been brainstorming stuff to do on this here bloggy, and we came up with two ideas. One I'm gonna do which is what I'm doing right now: I'll find a song I think's really good once a week and post about it. It'll be called "Ton's Song of the Week" as you can see by the title. Most of the time I'll do a country, rock, or sometimes pop song, but sometimes I'll do something totally random. Before I talk about the other thing, I should thank Doug for giving me the idea to do this. Ok, now to the thing Zam's considering doing. Wait. I'm not going to tell you that. That's a surprise. Yeah. We're gonna make you wait. What now?

This week, my song of the week comes from Chris Cagle's Anywhere But Here. If you've heard anything from this CD on the radio or on TV, I'd probably be Miss Me Baby. However, I'm not here to tell you about that song. I'm talking about the title song, which is obviously called Anywhere But Here. The style of ABH is relatively like Miss Me Baby. It's relatively slow and kind of sad, but that doesn't make it bad. It talks about a guy who broke up with his girlfriend because she had to move away and he promised her he wouldn't be sad. However, when her dad finds him, he's drinking and pretty poor. He tells her dad that he doesn't want her to know he's doing so badly, so he tells him to tell her he's "Anywhere But Here". Wait. I'll make it easier. I'll summarize it my way. A girl dumps a guy because she wants to move away from him because he most likely stalks her. Then he gets drunk. Then some guy finds the other guy and says he'll lie to the girl and won't tell her that he's about as drunk as a pig. Got it? Ok. I know, it sounds like a usual country song, but trust me, it's good. I had this song stuck in my head for around 2 months after I bought the CD, and if you like country, I bet you'll play it over at least a few times. So make sure you check that out and maybe download it off of iTunes.

Something else this week: the free download that you can get till Tuesday is actually worth downloading. This is the first time I've actually heard the song on the radio before it was free on iTunes. Well, it's by a rising artist named......what's her name....Danielle something......ohhhh yeah. Danielle Peck. It's called I Don't. Not only can it be used for listening, but you can use it to break up with someone in a very mean way. I'm not making it up when I say this song is mean. The last line of the chorus says "The difference is - Jesus loves you - I don't". Yeah. Mean. It's a pretty good song considering she's a new artist. So you might as well check that out considering it's free.

That's all for the musical post this time. but first, a song! I'm blue da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die da ba dee da ba die. Ain't I so good?

Monday, February 13, 2006

DS Lite News and New DS Services

Now that the new, slim, hot DS has been announced, it's time for the details to surface. First off, news on the colors. As of now, there are 3. They're called crystal white, ice blue, and enamel navy (left to right in the picture). I think that's a slight mistake. They should have put in a black and red, but that's just my opinion. I don't see why they should have a white, a white blue, and a blue, I mean, c'mon, mix it up a little. Anyway, all in all, I think the navy looks the best. Ok, on to more news. Well, another new feature of the DSL is that it will have 4 brightness settings for the screens. I think that's a pretty good idea since you can keep it relatively bright but not drain the battery as much as full blast. Also, some horribly bad news. It's really terrible. Absolutely horrifying. Gut-wrenching. Worse then not having pickles in your shoes. It's THAT bad. Ok....Game Boy Advance cartridges....Oh man I can't bear to say it....They will....stick out.....1 CENTIMETER from the DSL!!! I think I'm going to cry.....Seriously. I think it would be best to get off the topic seeing as I don't want my keyboard wet. Now for some goodie goodie news for any DS. First up, game retailers nationwide will soon install DS Download Kiosks at which you can download demos and/or videos of DS games, current and up-coming. Once you download them, you'll be able to use them as long as you keep the DS on. I wish they would just come out with a memory card for the GBA game slot (oh no I'm thinking about the bad news about the DSL again) so you could save the demos on there. It's not like the slot's in use anyway. Ok, finally, to the last part of this news update. Starting with Metroid Hunters and probably going to other games, you'll be able to chat online using the wi-fi connection. This isn't all that great though, seeing as you'll only be able to chat before and after matches and only to people on your friend's list. I don't know about you, but I don't have many people on my friend's list, which makes this suck for me. Well, that's all the DS news for now, but we'll keep you posted as the DS Lite gets closer.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

New Video iPod........It's Videoriffic!!

There have been some pictures flowing around the net claiming to be of the new "real" video iPod. Some say they are photoshopped and some believe they are real, but no one knows for sure. I have some pics to show you, but first some aspects of the new video iPod. Well, it has a touch screen instead of a click wheel, and on the touch screen will be a touch wheel. The screen is 3.5" and covers most of front. There hasn't been anything about price but some are saying there will be a 6GB version which is not a lot at all. We will keep you up to date when further info is available. But look at it, its pretty sexy.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Instant Messenger In Gmail.........YAY!!

Yay, Google has finally added a GOOD feature. They have now added a feature for you to chat in Gmail using Google Talk. This will now increase us to a new level of laziness. We don't have to click on blinking orange bars anymore!!!!! YAY!!! Oh yeah, and they save you chats. Yeah, but chat, in Gmail, ingenius. Brilliant. It is really convenient. Go and try it in your Gmail account, and if you don't have a Gmail account, just leave a comment or contact us using IM or e-mail and we can hook you up with one. So, Good Night, and Good Chatting.

BREAKING NEWS!! Halo 2 On PC Confirmed, But Only For Windows Vista

Been waiting for a PC version of Halo 2 that is not in French and actually legit, well it has been announced, but one dilemma, it will only work for the new Windows Operating System Vista. Now PC gamers will have to put up the big bucks for the honorable disk of upgrade to play the legendary game Halo 2. Some gamers will say it is worth it, but some will say, "Ehh, forget it! I'm going to get an Xbox." This is going to be good for Microsoft because they will get a huge profit on upgrades and will probably get more people to check it out for that reason will have a domino effect in the form of friends telling friends telling friends so on. Not only do you have to upgrade your OS, you have to upgrade you graphics card too. Well most do at least because from the way the graphics and power is sounding, the newest most powerful cards may be the minimum requirements. So the question stands, upgrade PC which can cost over $700, or buy an Xbox or 360 which will only rack you about $450. Its really a hard choice.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some news from Apple

It looks like Apple has finally proven itself to other portable audio companies like Dell. Actually, Dell can now be called a former portable audio company, seeing as they're dropping out of the business for the most part. Back to Apple. Their iPod line has been changed in 2 ways. They've dropped the Shuffle 512 MB to $70 and the 1GB to $100. They also added a 1GB Nano to their line for $150. That's all from Apple for now, until they make the iPod Invisa next month for $1000.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Our last week off

Ok guys, you probably noticed we haven't been doing most of the segments over the past.........3 weeks I think. Sorry, we just wanted to take a break from blogging for a little while. I'm happy to say that we'll be back in action starting next week. We may even treat you to a review or preview. You never know. Also, tomorrow I've got some interesting news about Apple that I'll post about.

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