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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Golly Gee Whiz, It's Website Wednesdays!!

It is time for everyone's favorite segment, Web-site-Wednesdays!! Today I have two awesome websites for you, one for ones out there that are obsessed with logos and love looking at them, and one for n00bs out there. First let's start with the logos. There is a website called Logotypes. On this site you can look at pretty much every single logo ever made for a company. Even extremely old ones. Now it doesn't have all of them, it doesn't have many website logos, but it has a ton of company logos. There are in alphebetical order. You can look at these logos, and you can download them. It is very nice and a great selection. It even has the size (KBs) of the logos for download, it is very helpful. Go and see at this link that really should have its own logo. My next find is for all of you people that need to catch up on your leetspeak or are new to the language. L33tspeak is a language used on the net, in it you replace certain letters with numbers. If you are a true tech guru, you would have known that already, but for all you "chobos", I explained it, happy? Well you should be, because there is a dictionary for you. This is a full dictionary with almost every l33t word ever made. Really great resource. Now you learn words such at 1337, oday, and coo. This will even sometimes make you look good. YOU NOW KNOW A SECOND LANGUAGE!!! Oh yeah, people call you stupid, then ask them how many languages they know, you can say as many as you know including l33tspeak. NOW WHO IS THE SMART ONE!!?? (Yeah, I got a little out of hand with that.) Just go and see this dictionary at the PDF version at this uber link, and the regular, unfancy version at this nize link. After that, if you think you have really mastered it, test your skillz at scrabble with L33t tiles which are replacements for regular scrabble tiles which you can purchase for $15 a this link foo. Ok, I hope you've really enjoyed this Website Wednesdays, I mean I just told you where to learn another language! Wow, a great one. Next week, Ton will teach you baby talk, so stay tooned.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Did you know?

I was bored so I thought of this fact about Star Wars. Actually, it is courtesy of one of my friends. So, you know how jedis have masters, right? Ok. Well, the Sith don't have "masters". They have people called "marauders". I just thought it was kind of cool even though it is stupid.

Monday, November 28, 2005

This is a very crazaay Marked Down Mondaay

Welcome one and all to MDM! Our first deal today is one you'll be able to wait.....and wait.....and wait....and wait to use. It's going till some time in January at Gamestop. You can get the smash hit Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (which is really good) for only $20! ! ! That's like only $20! This game involves killing jigglyjiggly jellyfish. Oh wait, those are Metroids. Hey wait, I once heard a cat tell his son (yup, i'm crazy), "No Billy, there's no such things as Metroids. They're just jellyfish in costumes!" O.K., anyway. The next deal is Shadow the Hedgehog for $50. Hey wait! How'd that get on my list of deals? That's not a's just...FULL-PRICED *GASP*! Get it OUT OF HERE! Ok, Shadow has left the building. This week only on GMSN (Gamer Mania Shopping Network duh) you can get Star Wars Battlefront Deuce (2, moron) for anything but PC for $40! (Sorry, this deal isn't online, you have to waddle over to your local Target to get it) Go on, pick it up and begin the wookie shooting. Ok, now here's the last deal. And it will be a deal that will go down in history. An Nvidia 256 MB video card for....wait for it.....$45!!!!!!!! BBBAAAAMMM! Now that MDM has gone out with a bang. Bye.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Cool Stuff Is So Cool

Yay, it is now time for some more cool stuff. Let's start off with something we all want for our house. A Pong Clock. This clock is a large clock that has a screen with a game of Pong going on every minute. On the clock, the right side pwns the left side by scoring every minute and the left side scores every hour on the hour. Here is a video at this link of the clock in action. Really cool. Next up to satisfy is two Japanese guys playing Matrix Ping-Pong. Yes, Matrix Ping-Pong. In this video two guys are picked up by Ninja looking guys dressed in black who make them jump and flip to make it look like the Matrix. Watch the spectacular video here at this linky linkified link. Like sexy MP3 players? Well....there is a very sexy gold one made by RAmos. It is said to be a Tuny8 with a gold case, but it is still cool. It does pretty much everything as an iPod. It has limited space though from 256MB to 2GB. This is very low considering the movies it holds. If you want more info of pics go to this pretty blue link and this series of cute blue periods and colons, .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: Ok, two more quick things. First, a rubber band cube. Yes the evolution of the rubber band ball and this guy has done it. Check out his Flickr album at this series of numbers 436971975897427. Finally, gamers are not excercising anymore. There have been various things trying to mkae gamers excercise while playing, but haven't worked, but maybe this one will. It is called the GameRunner. This is a treadmill for First Person Shooters. You can get more info and watch some movies of it in action at this group of quation marks """""""""""""". That is all for this group of AWESOME stuff on the interenet, now here is your local news.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Zathura Movie Review

Just recently I decided to go and see a few movies. One of them was Zathura. Zathura is a pretty good movie with an interesting story. In the movie there are two brothers, Danny and Walter, who don't really like each other. One night Walter gets mad at Danny and locks him in the basement. While down there scared Danny finds a board game named Zathura in the middle of the basement stairs. Danny brings it to Walter to try to have a little fun with his brother. Walter doesn't want to play with Danny because Danny has been known to cheat on board games. Danny opens the box and shows Walter how cool it is and Danny starts playing. In the game you turn a key and the GO button pops up. You press the go button and you rocket goes the amount of spaces the speedometer looking spinner says. Once you land you get a card and you must do what it says on the card. This is what starts everything. After really surreal events such as a meteor shower in the living room happens, Walter is scared and drawn into the game. They continue playing and many things such as thier house floating in space, a visit from lizard people known as Zorgons and a robot that is funtioned to kill Walter happen. They soon find out that they must complete the game for everything to return to normal. So they must continue. The movie is really interesting. It has many twists and turns that some wouldn't expect and a big surprise in the end that is very funny. The special effects were actually very good and looked very real. Especially the Zorgons and robot (have to see the movie to know what I am talking about.) There are some problems. The actors are very good, but Danny who is 6 years old is VERY annoying. A ton of screaming and whining. Very annoying. The movie is WAY too much like Jumanji. I know, it is the same writer, but he could have made it a whole different story not even close to Jumanji. Well it is a good movie and you should go and see it if you have already seen everything you wanted to see. Now it has been marked as a kid film, but there is some language that is not suitible for children. Zathura gets 3 green, meat eating Zorgons out of 5.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Now For My Opinion Of The 360

Well yesterday in the I saw so many deals in the paper I just had to go get some of that. They had some great games for less than $10. Well anyway, while I was there I got to play the wonderful 360. Sure I had to wrestle a few 7 year olds and beat a grandma down with a Guitar Hero box, but I got to play it for a solid say 45 minutes. So the games they had for demoing (new word) was Kameo: Elements of Power, Peter Jackson's King Kong, and Call Of Duty 2. Or course everyone was playing Call Of Duty 2 before me, but luckily when I got on there was no line. So... I played all the demos. First I played Call Of Duty 2. Now the graphics are good in this game and like Ton said, "Off the Jell-O." And it definitely is. This game has good guns, some good controls, and great AI. I kept dying before I got used to it. Well anyway the game is good and really hard. Really fun. Next I played Kameo: Element of Power, and let me tell you, I was confused. I kept getting stopped by giant invisible walls and had no idea what to do. All I did was stand there and got shot by guys with cannons as heads. Well, I can't really say anything about that except that it has great graphics. Next I played Peter Jackson's King Kong. This is the game of the remake of the famous movie King Kong that is remade and directed by Academy Award winning Director Peter Jackson. I tell you this info because the same thing happened in this game as it did in Kameo, I didn't know what to do. I was stuck in circles. So all I can say about this one is that the graphics are phenominal. Ok, now for the complete system. In my run for deals I went to 3 stores two of which having wired controllers for the display and one with a wireless controller. First the wired controller. It is pretty slim and feels pretty nice. It felt good in my hands. For the wireless it was pretty much the same thing. I didn't even notice the battery pack. So if you were wondering if you should get the wired instead of the wireless because of the bulkyness, forget it. Get the wireless. Feels better then the wired actually. About the system I would say it is the same size as the Xbox standing up sideways. Really nice and pretty. So my final verdict about the price. IT IS NOT WORTH $400! I wouldn't even say it is worth the $300. Maybe $250 could do it, but........ If you are willing to pay it, you are in for a treat, but....... You decide. My verdict is wait for a deal or price cut.


I am really excited!! It's looking like Nintendo has announced the Twilight Princess release date! Gamestop has it listed and they don't have the thing that says "Subject to change" that usually means they don't really know. The release date is.....4/3/2006! Only 5 months to go!!! Ok, also, I just noticed that along with PoP: Two Thrones, a DS and PSP PoP game are in the workings. By in the workings I mean working off the store shelves beginning on 12/6. The DS version is called Battles of Prince of Persia and the PSP version is Prince of Persia Revelations. So, get ready to be PoPed from all platforms!!!

Call of Duty 2 & XBOX 360 corrections

Ok, today I got to Walmart again. I played COD2 again. I was a little harsh in the last review. I think it's a very good game, if you pick up a 360 and like shooters, pick up COD2. On the 360, well.....The menus are great. Awesome graphics. I still have a little issue with the bottom rear buttons, but I bet they're easy to get used to. So....wait for the price to drop a little, then pick up a 360. Anyway, in a little while I'm gonna tell you some other reasons to wait a while.

Bad Burnout....

I just got my latest Nintendo Power magazine. I was looking through the reviews and I saw a little tidbit on Burnout Legends. It bombed. "Burnout Legends DS from EA backfires due to poor play control and sloppy hit detection....." Oh well.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey everybody! Even though Zam and I live on Ceperatan, we still celebrate Thanksgiving. So, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Website Wednsday

Sorry that I can only give you one site today, but for some reason a ton of sites on my internet were loading at the speed of snail when I was trying to find sites. So, here you go. This is a tech blog called Rahul Sood. Apparentely the guy who does the blog is the head of VoodooPC, who make computers for rich people. Anyway, they talk about the more in-depth tech, hardware, and software. It's actually pretty interesting if you have the time to read it. So, go check it out!

Celebrate good times, c'mon!

Guys, thanks SO much. Just 2 minutes ago our Yahoo Ads total reached $1,000! We are going to be able to buy so many games to review it isn't even funny. Thanks!!!

What a steal!

Here's more ongoing coverage of the 360. I just happened to hear this on my local news. 4 people had just bought 360's, they were getting in their vehicle, and 2 armed men jumped them. One of the guys offered his wallet but the armed dude said "NO! I want the 360!" So, all 4 people lost their 360's - $1800! I mean come on, IT'S A GAME SYSTEM, not a car! What is so great about them anyway?

How sneaky...

I just happened to notice 2 games that haven't really been talked about lately, but are coming out next week. First is Prince of Persia: Two Thrones. I can't believe this isn't being talked about considering it's coming out on the 29th. I mean, the last PoP games have been great, and a while ago there was a ton of hype over this one. Now, a week before the release, everything's quiet. If you want to buy it, you can get a free copy of the soundtrack if you buy it at Gamestop on preorder only (I think only preorder). Also, a game that has gotten a lot of publicity on the PSP, but not the DS. I can't believe I haven't seen ANYTHING about this on G4. I'm talking about Burnout Legends people! It's coming to DS THIS TUESDAY! I am very surprised this isn't being talked about as well. Also, Gamestop is having a sale for a few days - Free shipping AND 10% off on any PC strategy game. One other thing I'd like to point out is GStop has World of Warcraft for $30 for a limited time, so go buy it!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The waiting game

More stuff on the 360. Almost every store in the country is out of 360s. Almost all online retailers are out of 360s. Why is this? Microsoft didn't want to change the stupid release date, so, they couldn't make enough for the demand. Anyway, I heard that at the mall thingy with Best Buy in it where I live had a line going from one end of the mall thingy to the other. Just so you know: there's Best Buy, Staples, Target, and Petsmart in it, so that's a looong way. They had 50 in stock...I don't get why people did that when it was just said that there was going to be a shortage. Seriously, I think Microsoft would have done better with waiting a little while and making a ton of them. People are getting REALLY desperate out there is all that I can say. Some total idiot bought a 360 with 2 games off of eBay for $6,800 today. I mean come on people, it's a game system. Something off of this topic: Why is the 360 called the 360? I think if they were gonna name it that they should have made it spherical. I would have bought one if they did that... So, good luck getting your 360 by Christmas.

Gamer's Opinion: Buy It Or Wait?

Well as we all know in early 2006 the PS3 (and hopefully the Revolution) will be released. Now it looks as so these graphics are substancial compared to the 360's, so wait or fork out the $400. You decide.

Gamer's Opinion: Xbox 360 Overpriced?

This one is more for people who have played it but it can be for everyone. Do you guys think that the Xbox 360 is worth $300-$400? Personally, I think that they should have made it $250 and $350. This is a little better, not much, but a little. If you think the real price ($300-$400) is too high, is there anything that they could throw in to make it worth it? So leave your comments.

Playing with a 360/Call of Duty 2

Today I went to Walmart to wander around like a hobo and I remembered the 360 came out today. So, I went to electronics to see if they had any in stock. Well, of course they were out of stock, buuut they had one set up with a preview disc in it. Of course I grabbed the opportunity to touch a 360. They had a few demos on it: Kameo: Elements of Power, something, and Call of Duty 2. I had a limited amount of time so I just tried COD2. Let me tell you, the graphics are off the jello. However, I noticed the back buttons were weirdly shaped and the bottom one was hard to press for me, which just happened to be the trigger. I had about 2 guns: a Thompson and some sort of shotgun. So anyway, in the demo you're riding up in this truck and you have to hop out of the truck to attack some people, well, it took me a while to get out of the stupid truck because of the controls: Just want you to know, they are far from perfect. I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to take like 5 minutes to aim and then die when I'm fiddling with the trigger trying to press it. So I'm telling you, if you get a 360, rent this game first to see if this happens with you before you buy it. About the 360, from what I saw, the graphics are great, but it isn't worth $400. The only cool thing about the controller is a little sphere thingy in the middle with lights around it. Also, the 360 is bigger then the original XBOX, which kind of sucks, but it does look good. So from what I've seen the 360 is a pass unless you just can't wait for the Revo or PS3.

Hello Xbox 360!

Finally after months of waiting it is finally here! The start of the new Next-Gen cycle has just been released and has a big outcome of buyers. All around the country fanboys had been waiting for much time in line in front of their local electronics retailer to get their hands on the new hardware. At midnight last night the US was relieved of the wait for the fresh feeling of holding a controller in you hand that you know should not be in your hand until a few years later. The technology is amazing on this equipment and now everyone that is a normal person can get their hands on what has got to be the most exciting moment for gamers this year. So to honor the release of the Xbox 360 us at GM2 have decided to make this day Xbox 360 day. We will have many Gamer's Opinions posts about various problems with the 360. We may also put up a few previews if we can. So look forward for the day devoted to the new next-gen console released today. So why not "Jump In" (yeah, I know.)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Man, Look At These Deals, How Shall I Tell People About Them? Hmm......How About Marked Down Mondays!

There are a ton of deals this week. Lets start with a 250GB harddrive for the low price of $69.99. This is pretty good because some 80GB harddrives cost this much. Good Deal. Just click the link. Ok, nexty. Need a portable jumpdrive? Well I got a 1GB Lexar Jumpdrive for the low low price of $49.99. This is pretty good considering some of those prices out there today, even for the 256MB jumpdrives. Go pick that up at this linky. Ok, I know a ton of people that have wanted to go wireless on their mouse and keyboard. Well now I can help those people. Now for the price of $27.99 you can get both a Logitech wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for just under $30. This is really good from the prices I have seen. Just buy it at this link. Ok, Best Buy is really pulling out the deals now, so lets list some. They have horror movies on sale. They have classics such as Cabin Fever, to more recent ones such as Saw. These go from $20 now, but on this deal they go only up to about $12. Go find it here at this link. Next, 20% off select FOX Animation DVDs. This includes shows we all love from Family Guy, to the Simpsons, to Futurama. C'mon get em' at this link. Next, they have a $4.99 DVD sale. Now this DVD sale has some great classics including Lethal Weapon 1 & 2 and, one of my favorites, Malibu's Most Wanted. Go buy them here at this linkified link. Ok, two more. An SanDisk 1GB MP3 player for the low price of $79.99. A nice MP3 player for a low price which you can get at this awesome link. Ok, finally, I shall end this MDM with a freebie. DVD-Rs are getting a bit expensive lately, and I have a 20 pack FOR FREE! That's right, FREE!! Go and get yours before they run out at this FREE link. Ok, that is all I have for MDM today, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow. Oh yeah, and good luck getting an Xbox 360!!!

*Sniffle* Bye Bye GM

This isn't really tech related, but I happened to notice that GM is doing horrible financially. They have lost $4 billion so far this year. Their stock has dropped to $23. Now, they are cutting 30,000 jobs and closing 9 production facilities and even that won't do enough. Even more bad news, their new full-size SUV line just isn't selling. Could this really be the end of GM, one of the biggest car-maker in America? Fox News and many other places are predicting bankruptcy, but it's not that bad, for now at least. It would be pretty sad if Chevy, Pontiac, Hummer, and all the others were gone. I guess we'll see.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Watch Saturday Night Live Last Night?

Now before you say anything, yes, MadTV is awesome too. Ok, well anyway, on SNL last night they totally made fun of Steve Jobs during Weekend Update. They said they have a "Special Report from Steve Jobs." So 4 seasoner SNL member Fred Amisen dressed up into what looks like a great Steve Jobs promoting a brand new iPod, the iPod Micro (hmm....wonder where they got Micro from.) This was a really small iPod barely fit in his hand. He said it could hold a ton of songs, pictures, and you can watch movies on it. So Tina and Amy asked when that one came out and Stevey said "Right now." But then he said "but by Thankgiving, this one will be obsolete. That is when we bring out the iPod Pequeno. The iPod Pequeno can hold 1 Million songs, you can watch movies, and it holds pictures." This iPod was so small it looked like a small piece of metal with two dots in it. Tina and Amy were wondering how they would watch movies on it, so Steve said not to worry, because by Christmas the iPod Pequeno would be obsolete, and then that is when the iPod Invisa will be released. You couldn't even see this one, he was obviously just holding his thumb and index finger together. So he explained it by saying "The iPod Invisa hold 8 million songs, every picture ever taken, you can watch movies, and, there is Pong. And the best part about this is that if you drop it, it levitates." That was when it ended. Oh man that was a funny sketch. There is a video of it here, go and see it, it is so funny. And please, don't expect an iPod Micro, Pequeno, or Invisa any time soon (although the Pequeno would be cool.)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the best HP movie yet? In my opinion, it was not only better, it totally outshined the last 3. I'm very glad the filmmakers made the jump to PG-13 for this movie because they got to make it much scarier, the way it should have been all along. The story of the movie is totally solid. Harry is back in Hogwarts for his 4th year of un-Muggle training. When he returns, he finds the Triwizard Tournament is being held at Hogwarts. Somehow, he gets entered and is chosen to be in the Tournament. The 2 main plots are the Tournament and the re-rising of Voldemort, which finally connect in the end. A lot of humor was put in, along with sadness: I bet some people cried during it. It keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole 2.5 hours. There was really never a dull moment in this movie, unlike the last 3 Harry Potter movies. They introduced many new characters, but it never really got confusing. The acting was great from Daniel, Emma, and Rupert. Also, there was some romance between Cho and Harry, and Ron and Hermione. The bad thing about the Cho and Harry part is, they don't really show much: it goes from him looking at her a few times to him asking her to the Yule Ball. The special effects were incredible. You really couldn't see any difference between Harry and the dragon he had to fight, which was CGed. This movie was truly magical, so all you muggles out there should go see it. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire gets 5 Dark Marks out of 5.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Cool Stuff Yo

Now it is time for some more cool stuff I know you all will enjoy. I will start off with my favorite today. Joystiq, a really popular gaming blog, their readers have recreated the DS. It is of course Photoshopped, but these really look good. They have a DS Nano, DS Micro, etc. Really awesome. Go check it out at this line of periods .............. (or just a link.) Ok, next. Want movies on your cell phone. Well finally Sony has decided to put them on there. These movies will come on MMC cards in a 128Mb variety, not bad. The latest movie announcements are Stuart Little, Spider-Man 2, Hitch, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, and Ghostbusters. Nice for people who want to watch them on thier cell phone. Click on these big lines |||||||||||||| (or a link.) Finally, tired of tuning your guitar manually? Well now there is a robotic device that will do it for you! And you can buy it too, only $50 which is not bad. Just click on these series of ones and zeroes, 101100101011110101010 (or link, ok, it is getting old.) That is all the cool stuff right now, remember, let all your internet browsing be consisted of cool stuff, or something like that.

3,000 hits and a ton of money

Here's just a few accomplishments we've recently made. I think it was yesterday that we broke through the 3,000 hit line, w00t. Also, our Yahoo ads have made over $850 and it's been near a month. So, now we can both buy XBOX 360s and provide coverage of that system. Thanks on all the support! Peace out.

Gamer's Opinion

Here's a totally unrelated GO: Did you watch the CMA's yesterday, and if you did, what did you think? How about those Chevy commercials with Big and Rich?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

"Back In The Day We Didn't Have That Website Wednesdays" Well Now You Do!

It's time for everyone's favorite segment, Website Wednesdays!! Today I have two great sites for you. One is a logo maker site and one is an university experiment that is really cool. I will start with the logo creator. A few weeks ago I told you of a Google logo maker, but I have found a website that lets you make Star Wars, Yahoo!, Nintendo, Harry Potter, and a few more. I know you have always wanted to munipulate the Star Wars logo, and now you can! In addition to Gamer Mania 2 google, we have made Gamer Mania 2 yahoo! (yeah!) Go and see. It is really a fun site to play around with. It is called Logo54 by the way. My next site is called This website is a site of the future, seriously. Tired of clicking? Well this site solves it all. There website interface is click-free. On there you can go where you want to just by scrolling over it. Very cool. My favorite thing is what happens when you do click. It gives you a snowy screen and asks if your click was accidental or on purpose. Back when it was first starting though, it gave you a time out which was more fun then answering a survey, but it is still good. I think it is cool and I think you guys will think it is cool also. That is all for Website Wednesdays, and remember, let all you websites be good ones (or something like that.)

Marked Down Monday

Here are a few deals that you might want to use...

Well, there's all the deals I found this week, good luck spending your money.

    Monday, November 14, 2005

    Breaking News: New Schedule creates delay

    This is due to a bit of a mix up. I was supposed to do MDM today, but I didn't know, so it's gonna have to be tomorrow. We kind of have a new schedule since there is no TTT and I forgot - my bad. I can't get deals and write it up by the time Blogger goes down in a little while, sorry.


    This is a special report from the GM2 News Network. Yesterday I told you about Circuit City selling the Xbox 360 with games on Friday. Well it has been confirmed that this is not being sold on Friday. It is some sort of weird pre-order/preview thing. The thing that really confused me is that on the bottom it says that it is not for pre-order, so what is going on on Friday? Leave a comment and try not to add insults. Further more, they will not be selling the actual system to the scheduled release date. And about the overpriced thing, sorry, I was only looking at the pics. I didn't see the part with the extra controller. Ok that is all for the GM2 News Network, stayed tune for your regularly scheduled programming already in progress.

    Flash Friday

    Without further ado, here is this week's Flash Friday. I got ya 2 games this week. First is a Sharpie brickout game called Sharpie Mini BUST OUT. The game is ok, but the cool thing is, if you get to level 4, you get a free Sharpie Mini! I myself love Brickout so I played it even after I won my Sharpie. So go on and win yourself a Sharpie Mini. Please write all over this link with your Sharpie. The other game is called Flipbook! and it's pretty cool if you like drawing and stuff. It's not technically a game, but still cool. You can use it to make a digital flipbook and then submit it to their gallery if you want. After you draw one page and go to the next, what you drew on the last page will be shown in the background lightly as an outline. Something I noticed is the undo button doesn't seem to work, so you have to either not mess up or reset the whole page. Also, you have to have a steady hand to draw straight lines. Anyway, click here or kittens will be fired at you. That's all folks, thank you and good night.

    Sunday, November 13, 2005

    Circuit City To Sell Xbox 360 On Friday?

    I was looking through my favorite tech sites and came across a story saying that Circuit City is going to sell the Xbox 360 on Friday. I really couldn't believe so I went and looked and it does say available on Friday at 2pm (who knows why at 2pm.). Typo or the real thing. Also, on there it is WAY overpriced, so maybe they are making you pay for getting it early? You decide. Just click here to see the page on Circuit City, or further read on this link. Hmm.... maybe we will get next gen early, or maybe not, we will see.

    Saturday, November 12, 2005

    Firefox Shortcuts

    Hey, I have some Firefox shortcuts for all of you, two to be exact. The first is a way to look up stuff on Google without actually typing in your address bar then typing in what you want there. All you need to do is in the address bar, type in google and then type in what you want to search for. Make sure there is a space between google and what you want to search for. Next tip is how to look up a word on without actually going to it. On the address bar, type in dict then the word and it will go and look it up on and send you to that page. Remember, space between the word and Dict. Ok, that is all the firefox tips I have for you today. Remember, these only work in firefox (I think.) If you find out this works in another browser, leave a comment and brag about proving me wrong. So, enjoy shortcuts!

    (By the way, I made the google one myself, and made the pics myself so try to credit us if you are going to put them up on your site. We would appreciate it.)

    Friday, November 11, 2005

    Your flight has been delayed

    Sorry guys, but I'm a little busy. I went to a footbaall game a little while ago and now I have to get up early tomorrow for something. So, I will do Flash Friday whenever I get the time: probably Saturday or Sunday.

    Some Random Stuff

    Well, I really had nothing to do, so I went around, found some sites, and am telling you about them now. Well, the first is a photosharing website where you make an album of course. It is called BubbleShare and it looks sexy. It is still in BETA, but works. Now there are so many photosharing websites out there, but they have a hack to put it in a blog post. Click on the hyperlink tool, and then put this:

    <*iframe frameborder="0" width="614" height="588" scrolling="no" src="">

    (exclude the * in the beginning) instead of an actual URL. This hack is pretty cool. I got it at their weblog that is also pretty good, to see it click this linky. Overall, Bubbleshare is extremely sexy. I can't believe how beautiful it looks, so shiny. If you want your photos up, use this. Just to show you how cool it is, here is one I just made, link. Next, can you crack the lock? Well test your skillz to this brain teaser. It is a series of puzzles to unlock a lock. All you have are some clues. These clues make you really think. You should have some good math skillz to do this, but if you can think (and have a calculator) then you can do it. Go try at link. Ok, that is all the random/cool stuff I have for you today, but "I will be back."

    Can you hear me now?

    This is one of the weirdest things I've seen in a while. A mouse with a phone built in. All I want to know is, why? From the picture it looks like the back half of the mouse disconnects and has a keypad on it, so there's your phone. You can even talk hands-free with an earphone (waz an earphone?)! Also, I think you'll be asking "Can you hear me now?" a lot on these things. Right now you can't buy it, but they say it will cost the same as a middle priced mouse. If you want to, you can throw a lasso around this link for more info.

    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    Zam, What Came Out This Week? Let's Let The Magical Release Recap Tell You

    Games where good this week, now let me tell you. Some good and some bad. Of course, lets start with the good. Probably the best controller ever made for a game came out (with the game) this week. Yes, I am talking about Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is pretty much Dance Dance Revolution except with a guitar. Another very big game that came out this week has suspence, drama, women, and weapons. Oh yeah, and it has an object's name in its title. Yes, I am talking about.........Harry Potter: And The Goblet Of Fire!! I know you were thinking Gun, but I will get to that, but Harry Potter is the latest edition to the series that made too much money. I can probably sum this game up in one word, MAGIC. Ok, next. GUN came out this week from Neversoft. This is very different from Neversoft as they are basically known as "yeah those guys who make the Tony Hawk games." This time they took a whole different root in their new game. You don't skate, but shoot. You shoot everything. You know like the ol' gamer rule, "Shoot everything, if it explodes, it was bad." That is basically that. Next, The Matrix: Path of Neo. This is a game. Yeah, a Matrix game. As you know, the last one was ok, I actually kind of liked it, except for the fact that you didn't PLAY NEO! (well there was a cheat, but still.) So in this one of course you play as Neo in a matrix style game. The critics said it was much better, so there. Another game this week was the long awaited The Sims like game, The Movies. The movies is pretty much the Sims, except instead of making them cheat on each other with the same sex and make them who-hoo until they start yelling at you and have a baby, you make a movie. Eh, that is all you pretty much have to say. Hmm... what else, oh, SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo for the PSP came out. This was a long awaited game seeing if the PSP could withstand that kind of gameplay. So, yeah, go pick that up if you like the series. All of the Lord of The Rings fans with PSPs should be happy this week because they just released a new game called Lord of the Rings Tactics. You get to play through everything, the books, movie, and middle-earth. You defend you territory and stuff like that, basic Lord of the Rings. Oh yeah, one more, apparently, Xbox 360 games are already on the shelves, so if you want them, go and get them.

    Ok, now the why did that come out games. First, Spongebob Squarepants: The Yellow Avenger. In this one the Dirty Bubble has kidnapped SpongeBob's favorite superheroes, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!!!! Spongebob must stop them with his wonderful spongy powers. Oh sounds so action packed and exciting. Ok, next. Fantastic 4: Flame On came out. This looks as if you play Johnny Storm (a.k.a Human Torch) going through a wonderful GBA game. Oh yeah. Next up is the one you have all been waiting for and have been drastically saved your money for. Sea World: Shamu's Deep Sea Adventure! Oh yay. You all will love playing a giant whale in a wonderful GBA game, you all want to. Ok, actual story, in Sea World, Poseidon want to steal the magic of the park away from Shamu and Seaworld, so you fight him by being a whale?
    Ok, nice one.

    Now for the games I can't put in one fo those categories because I have never played their predecessor (or don't know about it.) Suikoden Tactics (wow another with the word Tactics in it) came out and is a sequel to Suikoden, one overlooked game. Fatal Frame is another series I have never cared to play, and they came out with a third, Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented. It sounds like regular Fatal Frame (I know you capture ghosts in you camera) but has some different stuff. Ok, I am sad to say I have never played a Viewtiful Joe game (and don't know what Viewtiful means.) But, 2, that is right, 2 games came out this week all from the Viewtiful Joe series. One for the DS and one for the consoles. First the console game. Viewtiful Joe Red Hot Rumble is where you are yet again making a movie and have to bla, bla, bla, slow motion. Oh yeah, it also came out on the PSP. Well, the DS one is called Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (clever name.) It is a double screened version of pretty much the same game. You get a new character, Joe's little sister, Jasmine. Cool. Sounds like.....the same game.

    Ok, that is what I have today. Enjoy!

    Man, Tuesdays Are Just Getting Hard, So Keep It, Or Drop It?

    Well, we have noticed that doing a segment each day is getting pretty hard. Then we pulled out which segment we want to get rid of and Tips & Tricks Tuesday came up. So, do you want us to get rid of that, or, name the segment you want us to get rid of and we will really consider it, try to reason though. Anyway, you guys go to a cheat website to get your cheats anyway so there is no point for us to do it. If we do some cool hacks or come across some, we will post them. So, leave it, or get rid of it?

    A free word processor, a tool for cheaters, and propane boot drying

    Time for some more stuff, and it's cool. There's a reason there is BitTorrent, people love getting stuff for free that they're not supposed to. Well, Microsoft Word is waaay too pricey, so why not get a Word-like FREE program called AbiWord? For some reason, I think this looks even better then Word *GASP*. It's absolutely multi-platform, it's got all kinds of features that Word has, and it can save to virtually any type of file. Sure it ain't as slick as Word looks, and that really matters to gamers. Why aren't you downloading this program for FREE? I think you should really go get this program for FREE. Oh, I forgot to give you the link. Stupid me. Here's something that could be endlessly useful to little people. A pen with a small roll-out piece of paper. It can be used to " Secretly pass messages in class * Take down quick notes * Never forget a phone number or email * Quiz yourself by making flash cards." Yeah, right. I think they forgot one big one. CHEATING. You can cheat your way through life with the one time fee of $7 and a little bit of clickage on this link. No, this has nothing to do remotely with tech, but I laughed when I saw it. A propane boot dryer. "Now the assurance of warm, dry boots is available right at camp with this portable propane dryer." Yeaaaah. Here is a thing called a link that you will need to dry your boots. A $55 toll will also be charged. Good luck lighting your boots on fire and making them explode! Something else weird. A toothbrush with Mp3...It really sucks that you have to brush for 2 minutes, then it will play the Barney theme song (I can feel the nightmares coming on). As long as you can put music on it....I guess it's ok...It probably has 1MB of RAM though. At least you can use it to hide hijacked music from the RIAA. The funny thing is, the website for the brush has sites to download music from. Anyway, buy one right about......not here....or here...HERE! Actually you can't buy them online...THANK GOD.

    Wednesday, November 09, 2005

    You will find a variety pack of websites in this Website Wednsday.

    The first website in today's WW is WikiHow. I am wanting to say this is related to WikiPedia, but I don't know. Anyway, this is an online archive of how-to documents. As of now, there are over 3,000. As the name suggests, anyone can change the documents. Not really cool, but who knows when you'll need to know how to torch a car, avoid losing socks in the washing machine, or stop a zipper from unzipping itself. Click on the dotted line ----- (or link). The second website is actually a blog called Camera Toss. This is reaaally cool. What they do is I guess put a camera on delay setting then throw it. The pictures they get are absolutely awesome. They even give out instructions for you to do your own Camera Toss and then you can submit the pic. Good luck breaking your camera. Oh yeah, this link will self-destruct in 5 seconds. The last site is just something that might be useful for some people. It's called QuotationBook. Basically it has any famous quote ever written or said so you can put it on your blog or something. Not really cool. A wise old man once told me if you see a link to click it. If you walked into a candy shop that sold websites, you would find This is for when you have to get off the phone because you have to go eat a hot dog and some jello, but you need a good reason to get off. This website has a bunch of sounds recorded that you can play, like you could play a door knocking, then just tell the person like "Someone's at the door" and hang up. Sure, you could just knock on your door from the inside or drive a helicopter into your neighbor's house, but that wouldn't be any fun, now would it (actually the second one would be fun)? Catch this link before it runs away. I have to go......there's static on the line.

    Ton, You May Be Posting A Lot, But None Of That Compares To Katamari Sushi!

    Yes, Katamari Sushi. Someone has done it, and they posted pictures in their Flickr album. Go and look at this link.

    Banner Generator

    All you people out there making a website, this is for you. It's a Banner Generator for your site. They have all sorts of backgrounds and types of text. You can just tell it what you want and BABABAAM! You have a banner. Click this.

    Welcome to the Phone Museum!

    This is really cool. In Taiwan, they've been modding Panasonic VS3 cell phones. Oh, that's not cool? Just so you know, they're not modding them like most people do. They're making them into art, and it's pretty dang cool. I have no idea how you get this good at this kind of stuff, but man, it's cool. Heck, they are so good they've started putting them in a museum. Look at the pics if you don't believe me. If you wanna see the rest of them, click this link yo.

    Some more stuff

    I think this is finally all the cool stuff I found today. First, Netgear has broken the next wifi barrier. They have finally announced their Rangemax 240 line of wireless stuff. As you can guess, it's 240 mbps a second, which is really fast, faster then Sonic the Hedgehog. The router'll drain ya $200 green ones and the laptop will take $130. It's time for Apple to say ouch, again. The whole Nano scratching lawsuit is going worldwide. Sorry Sir Jobs, but I just have to say this, YOU GOT PWNED! On eBay, there is someone selling a 405′ stunning new Frank Mulder Design Gigayacht. If you don't know what that is, well, it's one of the world's biggest yachts. Here is a direct description of the interior - " Unbelievable luxurious Master Suite on deck includes, luxury office area, salon, cinema room, fitness room, and two person cabin for children, personal assistant, or body guards. Two fabulous multi-level VIP Suites with panoramic windows allow your most valued guests to relax in total luxury." Right now, it's priced at $85 mil, which is a good deal, considering they usually cost $168 mil. The bad news is, you have to pay the shipping. Also, Phillips has announced a new ambient lighting system for gamers. As you can see in the picture, it's cool. One of my reliable sources has found a guide for building your own Radionics energy amp. It costs $30, and it looks cool. Apparentely it has something to do with psychic stuff. If it really works, awesome. Link. Are you tired of getting stupid AOL CD's? Well, here's something to do with them! You even get to throw them [at people]. At this link, there are instructions for a CD boomerang. All you need is 4 CD's that you never need again and the instructions. That's all for today.

    Sony, whaddaya think I am, stupid?

    Just to inform you people, I recently bought Chris Cagle's Anywhere But Here CD, which is made by Sony. I'd heard about this already, but hadn't seen it yet. I popped the CD in my PC, wanting to play it in iTunes. The dang thing wouldn't play in iTunes, obviously a [weak] security system had been put in place. However, it would burn to a CD via WMA. So, me being the sneaky fool that I am, burned it to a CD. Then, I just copied it into iTunes off the CD. Now if I want to, I'm free to copy it 1,000 times. It was that simple, Sony, that simple. Try harder next time. I was just saying this so if you guys run into this, you know what to do.

    Cell Phone Stuff

    Hello peopleses. Today there was some actually important cell phone news. First of all, I have something to say to Mr. Motorola ROKR, "Sir, I'm sorry to tell you this, but you're ugly." Now that I got that off my chest, I am glad to tell you that Motorola got smart and is making a new RAZR/iTunes phone. It shall be beamed down before the end of the year. Also in RAZR news, there is now word of an ice blue, and magenta RAZR, both for $300. Soo, instead of telling someone, "It's a boy!" or ,"It's a girl!", you can just give them a blue or magenta RAZR. They'll sure be more excited then if you just told them. Those will also be beamed down by the end of the year. Also, some breaking news. There may be a MicroSD shortage coming! So, if you plan on getting a cell, don't get one with MSD (that sounds like a disease anyway). Just something else to chew on, Samsung is making a cell with a 8 megapixel (that's right, 8). That's pretty dang cool.

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Fun with LED's and other useless crap

    I was bored today, so I thought I'd look for some cool LED stuff. First, I found this clock called the Dreamtime LED clock. It's this UFO pyramid. Inside it live little baby LED's. Anyway, if you poke it, it will tell you what time it is using a series of sounds. When it's not beeping, blipping, and bleeping, the LED's inside it will do the cha cha for you. You can tell it to bleep every half an hour or boop every hour. Also, the LED's will even dance to the blips. You can buy it for $40 here. Ok kiddies, the next thing I'm going to talk about is the LED faucet light. This is really cool because it turns your water bright blue. You just screw it on your faucet (...yeah...) and KABOOM you have shiny water! Also, you can scare the crap out of your friends because it looks like blue plasma is coming out of your faucet. These are rare, but I can happen to sneak you one if you click here and pay $15 (to me). Our next act is a watch called the light show watch. Somehow, they shoved little men with colored lights in this watch and made them conga. If you press the backlight on this watch, a ring around the watch will light up. However, if you hold it, a bunch of different colors will start a conga line. This is a pretty good deal for $20, considering most watches are about that much. You can buy one if you click the link. The link. Here's something that I think is plain stupid. It's called Swedish Firesteel. You hold it, slide some metal across it, and you've got yourself 3,000 degree Celsius sparks. The cool thing is that it works whatever the temperature, whatever the weather, it even works if it's wet. However, I don't get how you hold it and make 3,000 degree Celsuis sparks without some kind of pain. So, for a $16 way to kill yourself, click here. One more cool thing I found was the EnBio Gate security system. The cool thing about this is it not only scans your finger, it scans your face. You can also have it do dual finger scans. So now you can save your Photoshopped images of kittens and hot dogs (I always knew you were weird) from Mcdonald's employees. That was random. Anyway, what sucks is that they aren't for sale yet.

    Try Tying This Tips & Tricks Tuesday! (Ooh Tongue Twister)

    Ok, Tips and Tricks Tuesday is by far the most annoying segment to get finished. So, we always want to keep it quick and simple to get it over with. Here are some codes.

    Brothers In Arms: Earned In Blood:

    Cheat mode:
    Enter "2ndsquad" as a profile name in North American version of the game to unlock levels and extras including infinite ammunition, Super Squad, and old movie modes.

    Full team health:
    Die four times after a save point and you will be asked if you want to heal your squad

    Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Xbox):

    All weapons:
    While playing the game, hold White + Black and quickly press Right (2 times), Down, Up, Left(2 times to unlock all weapons.

    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow:

    Play as Alucard in Boss Rush mode:
    Successfully complete the game with Soma with a 100% completion and complete Julius mode. Then at the Konami logo, press Up(2 times), Down(2 times), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Remain idle until the Konami logo appears again, then press Up, Down, then hold Up until the
    sound of a door opening is heard. Select Boss Rush mode to play as Alucard with his Alucard Set.

    Ok that is all for now class. (All cheats from CheatCC)

    Sony's Blingin'

    This camera pwns ALL you foolsJust something I browsed across when I was looking for cool tech. Sony's blingin' with their new crystal covered Cybershot camera. It's gonna cost $1000 for all you biaches out there that need some bling in your camera. You'll be able to pick what kind of bling you want too. That means you can change the color and pattern of the crystals. It's even gonna be 5.1 Megapixel with a 2.5" LCD. You know you want one biach, so get that $1000 ready, or you could get 100,000 pennies (I know you like that blingin' sound they all make in yo pockets).

    Gamer's Opinion

    Time for yet another GO. A bunch of great superhero games have come out lately. Which superhero game do you like the most?

    How stupid can you get?

    Programs are so stupid now that they are telling you that they are going to crash. I was running Trillian (my IM client) and it went "We are sorry but Trillian is going to crash" and there was an Ok button and a Cancel button. Dunno what would happen if you pressed the Cancel button, it probably wouldn't crash. I mean come on, if you're gonna crash, just do it, don't bother warning people when it's going to happen in a second. I know this is stupid, but I am gonna start posting pics of computers doing stupid stuff. Here's the first one, click the pic to blow it up and see. Say hello to what makes Word tick.

    Cool Stuff To Do With Characters! Pt. 1

    |Gamer Mania 2!!!!! | '|""";.., ___.
    |_..._...______===|= _|__|..., ] |
    "(@ )'(@ )""""*|(@ )(@ )*****(@

    A Marked Down Monday For the Empty-Walleted

    Time for some deals. First of all, I know you all want to play Battlefield 2, but your computer sucks kitten (I know mine does). Well, here is a graphics card that will run Battlefield 2 for you - the PNY GeForce 6600 256MB DDR PCI Express Graphics Card. It's got smoking performance without smoking a hole in your wallet. You can even drop 1GB of RAM in for $75 right here. Also, a bunch of games were oddly cheap this week. First, The Warriors is $40 this week instead of $50. I think that says something about this game considering it's brand new. Also, this week, you can pick up The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for $30. A third game I found on sale this week was NBA 2K6 for $30, pretty good. Another sale this week was: If you buy GUN and a Logitech Wireless controller on the same receipt, you get the controller for $25 instead of $40 or $50. This week I also found a 17" MAG LCD monitor for only $180 after mail-in rebates! I think it would be cheaper to just take a CRT and run over it with a bulldozer, but you can go ahead and spend $180 of your green paper. Yet again you can get a 300GB Hard Drive from Maxtor for $90. I just have something to say about this HD thing, AOTS had a 250GB HD on the first Monday I had one of these 300 Giggers, and they had a 250 for $110. They said it was the absolute cheapest you would find one. So now Kevin can kiss my jello. Well that's all she (I mean he (I mean me (Whoa triple parenthesis (Sweet) ) ) ) typed.

    Monday, November 07, 2005

    Search With Jell-O!

    Search with Jell-O! Here.

    Gem Sweater!!

    I was searching through my bookmarks last night and found one of my favorite videos called Gem Sweater. I thought I told you guys about this months ago, but don't know, so here you go. Go and watch Gem Sweater, it is a hilarious video with a women with three other women dancing a weird dance singing a weird sci-fi kind of song. Really good stuff. GO WATCH!

    Sunday, November 06, 2005

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Review

    There are many popular video game series that stand out in the crowd above everyone else. Grand Theft Auto is definitely one of those. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is the newest addition to the series, but the first on the PSP. Now I know what you are thinking, its on the PSP, it has to be a port. Ok, I can't say you are wrong, because it is pretty much a port. You still do the same things, steal cars, kill hookers (the best thing of the game, oh yeah), shoot guns, do missions, etc. The story of the game is pretty much the same as all others. Tommy Vercetti is back with a brand new voice that sounds very whinney. Its gets annoying. Now when you see the title, stories you probably think it takes place before all the other games, but no. It takes place in the late 90s. You do missions and everything you do in the others. Nothing new. Now let's start off with the good. The graphics are phenominal. When you look into the PSP, you can't believe what you see. It looks more like you are looking through a small, portable window in your hands. It is really cool. You can see the facial features of Tommy very well. He looks really good in this game. There are unlockables, such as wardrobe. There is one where you can make Tommy where nothing but his underwear (perfect for some fun with the hookers, ok that was bad.) You have all your vehicles. They are all still fun to crash and hit civilians with. The missions are really good.Some rissions. Such as firetruck, police, taxi, etc. Ok, now the bad. The framerate SUCKS. It freezes up a ton which really takes away from the gameplay. But, what do you expect with graphics like these. Also, a very ironic thing is, it always freezes up right when you fly from your bike/motorcycle, which makes the crash look really cool. Either the developers meant for this to happen, or it just does. Another bad is the controls. Yes, the controlles. They are so bad!!! Its starts off with you using the nubby (analog stick) as the movement. This gets really hard because you can't get a good grip to control you nubby. This is hard because you nubby doesn't stick out to get a good grip (oh man that was wrong.) You also move you car with your nubby (wow, very wrong.) You can go to the start menu and change the controls to the D-pad, but let me explain why that is bad. When you begin with the nubby, you are like, "Hmm, this would be much easier with the D-pad." So you go to the menu and go to controls and change it to the D-pad. Ok, this is a worse idea then looking at porn in a church. When you move with the D-pad, Tommy stops every 2 seconds!! This is so frustrating. You try to switch directions, but he just stops and get hit by a car flying by you. Then, you just end up switching back and trying to get used to the nubby. Ok, next. I couldn't find any multiplayer, although it says there is. I will keep searching for that and get back to you. Next, after a few years, Tommy still hasn't taken swim classes. Everytime you hit the water he just falls in and dies. When you played San Andreas, you missed Tommy, but ironically, when you play this, you miss CJ. That is bad. Another bad thing is the loading times. Way too long. Hmm..... that is pretty much it.Even though those bad things really effect it, people are still going to buy it just because it is GTA. And I mean, it is pretty good, it makes you feel dangerous. Even women like killing hookers and stealing motorcycles. My friend's girlfriend really gets a kick out of it, and she doesn't game for anything. So this game is pretty good. The graphics are the best part though, it pretty much makes up for everything in it. I really wanted to give this game a 5, but Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories gets 3 hijacked Banshees with dead hookers on it, out of 5. Now excuse me while I steal this cheetah from this grandma, oh crap, she has a gun, run...........Wasted.



    Who Will Win In The Icon War?

    I was searching around and found this little flash video of icons on desktops fighting. It is really cool, really funny, really something to tell your friends about. Go and watch it now. It contains the MSN Messenger icon, the ICQ icon, Paint, Internet Explorer, e-mail, My Computer, Network Places, Norton Antivirus, My Documents, Recycle bin, and Diablo II. Who will win? You just have to watch and see on the Icon War.

    Google Doesn't Even Like The President

    Ha, man this is funny. I was surfing my favorite cool stuff site, when I saw this guy that did a google search for failure. So, I went to google and searched for failure, and the first result is, "Biography of President George W. Bush". The funny thing is, that is the official goverment website. I don't know who did that, but I must solute them. Go and see. Here is a link for you to lazy enough.


    Saturday, November 05, 2005

    Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

    Castlevania: Dawn of SorrowOh how the DS needs a good RPG. What a coincidence! Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow is a good RPG on the DS! For some odd reason, it made me reminisce of Metroid Zero Mission. Anyway, the main adventure is based in 2035, a year after Soma (the main character) supposedly defeated Dracula. He thinks his troubles are over, but there is a cult trying to kill him or something like that. So much for no more troubles. The point of the main story mode is to defeat the cult obviously. You do this by poking stuff with your weapon. If you poke them hard enough, you might get a soul which gives you a special ability! You can equip 3 souls: an enchant, a guardian, and a bullet. Every monster has a different soul, and trust me, there are a lot of monsters. So you can use the souls for special abilities, but wait, that's not all! You can a soul with a weapon to make it better! Each weapon has a certain soul that will upgrade it to the next level. This is the best way to make money in the game. Speaking of weapons, there is a weapon for whatever your attack style is. The controls a little while to learn, but you'll get them after a while. There are bosses once in a while, the first few are easy, but the later ones get rather hard. Once you get the boss's HP to 0, you have to draw a "Magic Seal" that you found earlier to kill it. If you screw up, the boss will get some more HP and you have to bring down the boss again, and draw the symbol. So if you draw like a drunk penguin, you will be fighting for hours and hours. Then, there is enemy set mode. If you have the soul of a monster, you can put it in the rooms, for the cost of a number of points. What the.....A Princess-Peach-Spitting-Spider!After you set them, you can run through the rooms and kill all the monsters. You can also use the wifi and go through the other person's track and they can go through yours, the first one through wins. That is the only wifi mode apart from soul trade, which makes multiplayer the weakness of DoS. Also, there is a Boss something mode that you can get to if you beat the game. In it you have to kill all of the bosses in a row. If you win in under 5 minutes (how?!?!?), you get a rocket launcher (w00t). The graphics in this game are rather good for a 2d game. The enviroments are awesome, for example, if you jump on a snow-covered car, it will tilt to whatever side you are standing on and snow will fall off. The sound is pretty good, good for halloween. There isn't much bad about this game. The few bad things are that it can get talkative, but you can skip that. Also, if you change your armor, you look the same. The last thing is the use of the touch screen. All you need it for is breaking ice blocks and drawing symbols, but hey, it's something. This game is a GM2 first, it gets 4.5 big swords out of 5.

    An Actual Release Website Recap Wedhursdays

    Sorry about my last one, I had a really, really bad day. I put up a quick post because I needed to get ready and get some sleep for my trip to DC. This week has not been my best week. I had a lot to do. I wanted to prove myself in this blog this week when Ton told me about his computer problem, but I really disapointed myself along with Chris (the guy who leaves the hate comments to me.) Now to redeem myself with Release Recap Wedhursdays. My first website is In this website you can type in anything that you want to do, and it gives you some instructions. It is very helpful and convenient. It also talks about many cool things and topics. My next is This site is where you type in a band an it gives you similar bands that you would like it you like the band you typed in. It has a really cool map design. You will enjoy it if you want to discover new bands. My final website is the Google Logo Maker. I know, I know, doesn't sound like a website, more of a download, but it is a site, an interesting one. It is actually called logogle. Anyway, you type in what you want Google to be called into the change bar. Then, it opens google homepage, but instead of the google logo, it has your words in google kind of style text. But, there is no "I'm Feeling Lucky" and when you search, you logo is not on anymore, but, it is a good bookmark. Have your own google. I made a Gamer Mania 2 Google search that you can go to. Enjoy!

    Ok, now for Releases. This week a few cool games were released and a few not cool games. Call of Duty 2: Big Red One (I know, really weird name, I laughed when I heard it first) was released for the consoles. This is of course a war game. The critics say this has amazing graphics and great gameplay, go found out yourself. A game everyone has been waiting for was released today. From Russia With Love got a great deal of hype at E3 05', now it is finally released. This game is a 007 game based on the old movie. Very big game. Probably the biggest release this week was Star Wars Battlefront 2. This is of course the sequel to what is said to be the most selling Star Wars game. You finally get to fight in space. It is a FPS (first person shooter) if you didn't know. Go check that one out. We have a mini review for it if you need some further info. Next, Castlevania: Curse of Darkness was released for the consoles. This is one of the many Castlevania games, so it is self explanitory. Two games that I really can't explain were released, Rhem 2, and Without Warning. They look interesting by the cover art, but that is all I know. Another is The Hustle: Detroit Streets for the PSP. Again, can't explain it, but it likes like a GTA clone by the cover art.

    Now for the bleeh games. The Bible Game (why) was released for the GBA this week. Pretty much you just go through the bible in video game form. This is one of the first of the Christian community trying to teach thier religion in games as it has said in the news. Another one that I know you all have been waiting for was released today. I really want this one. Really interesting. It is Cabage Patch Kids: Where's My Pony (oh what a title, what a title.) Of course, by the title, you most likely search for your pony in a kid oriented game. Who knows, maybe it will be the best game of 2005. It could be like the New York Yankees, always come back when they are down.

    I hope you guys can forgive me for this week. I have really been busy. In the future if Ton is off, I promise full segments with great detail. Thank You.

    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    I'm back y'all!

    Hey everyone, I'm baaaaaaaaaaack. I got my PC back with a GB of RAM, so it's like a rocket. However, we won't have any Flash Friday tomorrow, Zam and I are going to DC! So cya all on Saturday.

    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    Man, I Want My Deals With My Cheats.........That Is Why Marked Down Tips Monuesday Is Here

    Ok, so we kind of screwed up yesterday not doing MDM. We kind of got confused with something, long story. So I am going to combine Tips & Tricks Tuesdays with Marked-Down Mondays (this week only) to make up for it. First lets start off with some deals. I have another free thing for you. Tigerdirect is doing the rebate thing on a I-Rocks Cross-Direction 800dpi Optical Mouse (to go technical) for the low low price of FREE! Actually, you have to pay $14.99 to start but they a rebeate makes it free. Next I have a pretty cheap 256MB Flash Drive, $26.99. This is a pretty good deal, you can't find it for this price anymore. Ok, now to the tips/tricks. 2 games. I will give out tricks/tips for WWE Day of Reckoning 2 for the Gamecube and Soul Calibur 3 for the PS2. Starting with WWE Day of Reckoning 2. This one sounded cool so I put it up for you, to unlock the No Mercy arena, reach the No Mercy PPV event in Story mode to unlock the No Mercy arena in Exhibition mode. This one also sounded cool, to unlock the No Way Out arena, Reach the No Way Out PPV event in Story mode to unlock the No Way Out arena in Exhibition mode. Now for Soul Calibur 3. To unlock the Sacred Mt. Fuji stage, clear the Sacred Mt. Fuji stage in Tales Of Souls mode or play 425 battles. To play as everyone favorite character named after the moon Luna, clear Chronicle 11 in Chronicles of The Sword mode or play 650 battles. Sorry, but that is all I have for this Marked Down Tips Monuesday (this week only, hopefully.) Join us next week for Release Website Recap Wedhurdays (just kidding, or am I?)

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