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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Let me hear it for Microsoft's latest joke: VISTA!

Microsoft's troubled transition from XP to Vista has become something of a comedy of errors, with leaks, confusing hardware requirements, disappearing features, and habitual delays having plagued the next-gen OS since it was just a wee Longhorn. And now it seems that once again our hopes of running Vista before the end of the year have been dashed, with Microsoft issuing a press release late Tuesday revealing that although a business rollout will begin in November, consumers will have to wait until January 2007 to upgrade. While we're certainly frustrated that we won't be able to get our Vista-on for the holidays, we're gonna try to put a positive spin on the situation and appreciate the fact that we now have a little longer to decide which of the eight six flavors of the new operating system we'll be dual-booting on our Macs.

You have to wonder if this seriously is a big joke. Guess what it's time for? Betting on which will be delayed longer: Vista or Twilight Princess! I'm putting 20 rupals and a 360 hard drive on Vista. So, yeah, January 2007. Wow. That's a long time. I was beginning to wonder if they were going to try and release months it before Apple's next OS and drop about 100 features. Oh wait. They already pulled one of those. I think it was called the 360. Anyways. I don't really care when they release this. Do you? You better not or I'll slap you with a cheese wedge.

Revolution specs

IGN has posted some new info from sources in the game development industry who supposedly possess official Nintendo documentation and claim to have run benchmarks on the IBM-supplied Broadway CPU and ATI's Hollywood GPU in dev kits that are similar in design to final production units. Originally we had heard that Revolution would sport a 1.8GHz processor, and possibly as high as 2.5GHz -- the new figure, according to IGN's sources, is a rather pokey 729MHz -- compared to 485MHz on the GameCube, 733MHz for the original Xbox, three 3.2GHz cores on the 360, and the deified Cell processor in the PS3 (although direct comparisons are unfair due to the different architectures). Meanwhile, the supposed 600MHz ATI chip is now speced at only 243MHz (with 3MB of texture memory), which is a decent bump over the 'Cube's 162MHz GPU, and in the same league as Xbox 1's 233MHz. Total RAM is also rather disappointing -- only 88MB -- but all of these numbers, even if true, are totally in line with what the company has been saying all along: rather than fighting a next-gen console war, they want to provide a unique gaming experience based around an innovative controller in a wallet-friendly package.

Yup. That's the Revolution for you. Keep in mind that these might not be the full specs, but are probably close. Well, Nintendo already told us it would be something like this, that they weren't going after Sony and Microsoft, and here's the proof. And they're taking a lot of people with them. You should see all the good comments about these specs from average people. While I don't really like the specs, I can't say I care that much. I just want to see what gaming with that controller is like. Nintendo is definitely going the right way: Gameplay and affordability over power. And one thing about the graphics compared to the other ones, the Revolution won't need to waste any of that power on HD, which puts a little more into the actual graphics. Anyway. I just got an idea. Will the Revolution really be that revolutionary? I mean, won't it basically be the same as using a computer? I don't know, but I still think I'll check it out. What's your opinion on the Revo so far?

[Engadget again]

Are you ready to GO?

Once upon a time, a picture was leaked onto the net. It was a picture of some stuff. About some Nintendo thing. It was called the GO. What is the GO? No one knows for sure. It could be the actual name for the Revolution, it could be the name for the online service, or it could be a note from Miyamoto to Bill Gates telling him to GO away. Most people think it's the console. The logic is that GO means 5 and this is Nintendo's 5th console. I don't know. One other thing I see that could make this the name is that people could casually say "Wanna GO?". I guess it fits with their "everyone will game" idea. I don't know. I kind of wish they'd just leave it as Revolution...

[Via Engadget]

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A good tidbit from Sony.

This is an automated alert system. I have been remotely activated to tell you some important news. Sony has ditched their B-A-D crappy screwed up not very good boomerang PS3 controller design. Yay. Can you not tell I am happy? They have not announced what the official control mechanism will look like, but most of you can guess that it will model Microsoft's [Haha Bill Gates YOU SUCK] XBOX 360 controller design scheme. It shall be unveiled at E3 2006. That is all. I shall now stop pointing my gun self defense mechanism at you and allow you to leave end this alert.

[Via Engadget]

(Malfunctions crossed out by Ton)

Twilight Princess on Revolution.

Everyone thought it was going to happen. Twilight Princess was going to be backed right onto the Revolution. Well, they were right. Almost.
Asked how the GameCube adventure was progressing, Miyamoto responded: "I would say that we are progressing well with completing it. And one of the most important features is that, because Revolution can run GameCube software, when you play Twilight Princess on Revolution you can take advantage of the Revolution controller."

So, it's going to be half GC and half Revo. Cool. Definitely a good idea for Nintendo. This means that people that have been excited about getting it but won't be able to buy a Revo will still be able to play it. But people with Revos will be able to really use Link's sword. I like that idea a real lot. However, this raises 2 ?'s. 1: does this mean that Twilight Princess won't be coming out until the Revo is out, sometime around Thanksgiving? I really hope not. 2: The most important one: Will it say Revolution or Gamecube at the top of the case? Maybe RevoCube. Or Gamelution. That would be cool. Has A New Look

I was doing my rounds surfing the web, and then went to visit the website that I haven't seen in about a month. I was expecting the old stuff, you know, a release column, a little flash calender on the side, things of that nature. But no. I get to the site and now they have the little flash menu that is growing in popularity with all game websites and regular websites alike. No Nintendo, the video game company that is known for its uniquness and individuality, don't go to the dark side of the Namcos and the other stuff. Under the menu there are links to some news headlines and there is even a poll. On top you have tabs to the consoles, handhelds, fun vault, wi-fi, and some other stuff. I do have to admit, it does look a tad bit better. I mean, it is easier to look in one nice little menu than an all around front page. One of my favorite things about it is that on the right side of there is our favorite shroom shaped character Toad who has a bubble asking if you need help. Ok, I did find one problem, it takes FOREVER to load. I know I don't have the fastest internet, but dang, it's not this slow. I loaded five pages fully and it was still loading. Oh well, there are some pros and cons. Go check out the new looks at

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Nintendo had already announced that a new DS Legend of Zelda game was on the way, but that's about as far as the news went. Until today that is. At GDC, LOZ: Phantom Hourglass for the DS was introduced. Let me be the first to tell you, it looks good. In the style of Windwaker, it's cel-shaded, but with a different kind of camera view. It's like a 2D camera with 3D graphics, and it's pretty dang cool. People are speculating that this is just a remake of Windwaker, but it looks to me like maybe Windwaker 2. Whatever it is, it looks pretty dang cool. It's planned for release sometime this year, but if it's like Twilight Princess, it probably won't be till 2019. Check out the video on IGN.

[Via IGN obviously....]

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Song of the Week

It's been a while, but I've got a good song for you this week. It's pretty new, and I bet a lot of you already know it, seeing as it's entered the iTunes Top 10 songs a few times. It's called Always On Your Side, sung by Sheryl Crow & Sting, from her new album, Wildflower. I'm pretty sure it's a remake of an old Willie Nelson song, but I don't know. If it is, you'd never know from the sound of it. It's got a good tune, and Sheryl Crow and Sting really sing it well. It's pretty cool how this wasn't meant to be a duet but it turned out great when they turned it into one. I recently found it, and I've had it in my head since. Without further ado, here's Always On Your Side. [Please just open the song to listen to it, don't download it. If you like it, get it off of iTunes]

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some Mini-Reviews

I was in New York City just recently, and whenever I go there, one the top of my agenda is to go to the wonderful Nintendo World Store. A great 2-story store that is sure to give you Nintendo Fever. Well in there, they have these white orb chairs in front of a Gamecube on an Aquos plasma t.v. (SWEET!) Of course, I had to jump on that and play a bit. In the Gamecube is a demo-disk with a nice variety of games. So here are some reviews of the demos that I played.

Mario Kart: Double Dash First, let us begin with the good ones. Mario Kart: Double Dash is a fun guilty pleasure sure to give anyone from 2 to 99 yrs. old some enjoyment. In the demo, you get to choose from 2 courses and the characters that are already unlocked when you just begin the full-version of the game. I very much enjoyed my time playing Double Dash being a big fan of Mario. The combination of cartoony environments, and nice weapons and distractions to ruin you opponents is just really good. I give the demo-version on Mario Kart: Double Dash a 4 out of 5.

Next up to the plate is Resident Evil 4. Back when this one was first released, it got so much hype from gamers and reviewers alike, and guess what, it deserved it. This demo was fun, scary, and annoying all in one package. The demo gives you about 2 levels to play, if you can make it past the first one. There is this awesome targeting system with a little red laser dot on you awesome shotgun which can kill some zombie. You also get a knife to stab some zombie. Although the game is fun, it's hard. It took me about 10 or 15 tries just to get to the second level it offers, and just barely make it. Also, it is annoying when the zombies won't die. Although it is embarrasing yelling, "Die zombie, you *******, die!!!!" in the middle of a public store, I did, and most likely you will yell this at least 5 times when playing this game. So overall, the game is very well done from the graphics (which are phenominal) to the gameplay. The demo gets a well-deserved 5 out of 5.

Ok, that's about all the good ones I played, so now (dun dun dun) the bad games. First let's start off with a game that will not make you look at your cat the same way again. I'm talking about the dreadful Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue. I don't know why Namco published this, but, they did. This game is about Kitty on roller skates, skating around places, and probably rescuing people. I really got out of it about 35 seconds in. The controls were absolutely and utterly horrible (a little Simon Cowell for you), and the gameplay, don't even get me started. Ok, the gameplay was typical. Typically bad. I know I am being a bit harsh on this game, let's talk about what good about it. Well, has a cat. Ok, the environments are pretty attractive, however, pink. So this game demo gets a 2 out of 5.

Curious GeorgeNext up are two movie games. The first is based of the movie with a lot of monkey business, Curious George. This is just one of those games. Well in the beginning of the demo, you are George trying to catch the dude that controlls you, I think his name is the man in the yellow hat or something (who is probably being kidnapped or something because he is yelling for the person who is driving him through the jungle to turn around.) You have to slide down branches, swing on vines, and climb vines to get to him, all while collecting bananas. The beginning gameplay is pretty fun when you are just starting to get into it, but then it gets very boring. And the controls, man, those controls are just bad. You don't know how many times I cursed out that monkey during the demo. Just another game that is continuing the movie game steriotype about how they are all bad. The demo gets a 1 out of 5.

Finally, the last demo/game I will be reviewing is......Chicken Little. This is another one of those games. In the demo, you get two levels, if you can stand it. For the first level, you have to get Chicken Little to school by sliding down power lines, jumping on trees, climbing poles and other stuff. You also have a whip which you will use a lot to break boxes and other things that are in your way. The graphics are.......ok, and Chicken Little comes out with a few sayings that are pretty funny which will make you smirk, but not much. The worst part though, is that you can't skip the cut scenes. Oh those annoying cut scenes, just make you want to throw the Gamecube. But seriously, this demo was, oh why. This one gets a lucky 2 out of 5. So that is all for now. Zam, out.

60 GB iPod supply "at risk"

For whatever reason, Apple has told retailers that the 60GB iPod is "at risk", which means they could be in short supply soon. However, Apple didn't say why it's "at risk". Could be they're just in short supply, could be a newer, bigger model coming out, or, the rumors about a new Video iPod could be true. What do I think? I'm guessing either short supply or Video iPod. If it was a Video iPod, I don't know what I'd think. I mean, I like the rumored design going around, but seeing as I just bought a 30GB iPod, I'd be pretty pissed if they come out with a new one this soon. Well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Stay tuned.

[Via Engadget...again]

XBOX 360 supply to "surge" in the coming weeks

Finally, Microsoft has gotten smart and announced that, beginning this week, they're doubling to tripling the number of 360s they send to retailers. Of course, this means that it should be quite a bit easier to get your hands on one. What do I think? This is good news. No, GREAT news. I was just looking around last week for a 360, but found out I had to wait till next month so I could reserve one at Gamestop. I'm hoping this'll change that situation. All I'm going to say is, Bill Gates, why'd you wait so long?

[Via Engadget]

Monday, March 20, 2006

PS3 HD news

PS3Finally, after some waiting, Sony's announced that 60GB Hard drives will be included standard, with bigger ones available for more money. What do I think about this? Err, if they're telling developers to produce games thinking that the PS3 will have a hard drive, how can they not include them? I don't think maybe people would want to buy a console and then have to buy a hard drive before they can play games. As for the bigger sizes, what do you need more then 60GB for? My computer hard drive is 120, and even with all my music and programs on it, it's only half full. One problem about it being included: it means the price will have to be even higher then already speculated. Does that mean it could actually cost $700? I don't know, but I hope not. Stay tuned for more PS3 news.

[Via Engadget]

Mad robot skillz

Check this video out guys, it owns. The first guy's pretty good, but the second one is totally crazy.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pre-order a Blu-Ray player for a very very low price today!

After a long wait, you can finally get your hands on a Blu-Ray player. Or at least something thatBDP-S1 Blu-Ray Player says you will get a Blu-Ray player in July, even though you probably won't. Yeah, Sony said it'll be out in July, but that'll probably fall through. Oh yeah. Guess what? $1000. Maybe Donald Trump could buy one. I don't know. Do I really care about this? No. I mean, it's $1000, seriously. Also, there'll probably be bugs and little to no content. So what's the point? I have no idea. However, if you absolutely must preorder one, hit or and search for the "Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray Player".

[Via Engadget]

UMD catalog reducing

Now that everyone's off of their UMD high, some companies are rolling back how many they make. Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire UMDThis doesn't mean you won't get most of the movies you want, movies like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, you just won't find many movies like Coach Carter. They're calling it "cutting back on movies that don't appeal as much to the general PSP audience", so if you want any of those, you'll just have to illegally put it on your memory stick. Not that we promote illegal activity. Not at all. What do I think? Well, I bought a UMD movie a while back, and I'll tell you, I never watch it. I don't know if I'd ever buy another UMD again just because I don't have many times when I can't just watch a DVD. I think that's what's going through everyone's mind really. However, the way they're doing it, I don't know if I really agree. Some movies that they think don't appeal to the general audience might have been big sellers if they released them. You can't really judge what kind of movies people want just by the fact that they have a PSP. Anyway, in other UMD news, Sony is still going to sell their UMD/DVD combos for around $30, which is a good deal. Also, they're releasing an adapter that'll let you watch UMDs on your TV. If that works, it'll definitely make me more ok with buying UMDs. Finally, Sony's planning a download service that'll let you download movies without buying UMDs. Another great idea. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

[Via GameInformer]

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Secret info on Apple's next marketing ploy..

Yup. That's it. I wonder what kind of music he has on that iPod....

[Via iLounge]

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The final Sony post of the night.

Finally, we have some news about the PS3 hard drive. Now, Kutaragi said that "the hardware was designed with the hard disk in mind". So, it sounds like you'll need one if you have a PS3. By the way, it's 60GB. However, he didn't say that it would be included with the PS3. So, does this mean that you'll have to buy one to use a PS3, but not get one in the box? If so, that's stupid. Check the pic for the other deets.

[Via IGN]

PSP E-Distribution and GPS

Two more things on the Play Station Por Table. First of all, there will soon be a service for PSP owners that will let you download PS1 games. Pretty cool, eh? Actually it's very cool. 43 degrees right now. As of now, all that will be available are PS1 games, but that could be changed and more games added. You should be able to start doing this around this fall. I have one problem though. How will you play PS1 games with 1 analog stick, hmm? I think that could potentially be a big problem for this. Retro games would be better for the PSP I think. Now the other thing. Sometime soon, Sony will release a GPS for the good ol' PSP. Somehow this is going to integrate into games, but I have no idea how. Supposedly it will work with the already released "Hot Shots Golf" and many other titles. Not really much known about that yet. Ok. Post o.v.e.r.

[Via IGN]

Sony's Xbox Live

Of course, following the great sucess of XBOX live, Sony is bowing down to Microsoft by copying them. Totally:

Voice/Video chat
Friend list/Avatar
Game data upload/download

Shop (accessible from inside games)
Content Download
Micro Payment
Entitlement (user access rights) management

User Registration
Login ID/Handling of name issues"

So that pretty much covers it. As of now it's simply called "The Playstation Network Platform". It'll be coming to your city the same day as the PS3, with free "basic service", whatever that means. We'll keep you updated on this one.

[Via IGN]

PSP Eyetoy

Yeah, that's right. They're making an Eyetoy for the PSP. Of course with it there'll be the Eyetoy games, which actually seem incredibly stupid when you need to hold the PSP with both hands. I guess you could lay down and hold it with your feet...then you could move your hands, head, wiggle your ears, and that'd make for a game......I don't know. The exciting thing about it isn't the actual games, it's the fact that you'll be able to basically use it as a webcam for your PSP. Yes, that's right, video chat is coming to the PSP. I think that's awesome. You'll also be able to just use it for voice chat, which makes it kind of like a phone. By the way, it's silver....which is totally stupid since the PSP is black. The weird thing is they didn't say whether or not you'll be able to straight up take pictures with it. If you can, that will make the PSP even more worth the money. Expect that in October. Also, you'll soon be able to get Flash on your PSP, which means you can watch videos and play games on the web. I've been waiting for something like this as well for a very, very long time.

[Via IGN]

PS3 In November? Sony Comfirmed It.

Today at a Playstation conference in Tokyo, Japan, Ken Kutaragi "comfirmed" (like we haven't heard that before) that the PS3 will be released in early November of this year in North America, Europe, and Japan. Sony's website says that they will release it simultaneously in those places, but Ken Kutaragi says that that would physically impossible to do that. So based on that quote, it will be released in early November, but maybe on different dates in early November for different areas. Sony has confirmed though that it will have a production capacity of 1 million units monthly, which is nice. Also, there will be a large sum of games being released on the date of the PS3's launch. So we just have to hope that this is the release date of the long-awaited Playstation 3, but until then Sony fanboys, I guess you'll just have to stick to your PS2s and you PSPs.

Some Sony price info

Finally it's happened. The PSP's price is dropping! Well actually they're coming out with a new package without all of the extras the "value pack" comes with. That means no PSP oven mitt, no piece of plastic that holds stuff, no sleek white earplugs [or "earbuds" as they call them], and no hot white leather strap. I think it's worth it to just drop for the basic pack, seeing as you'll save $50. That's right, it's going to be $199 [199 euros in Europe]. It'll land from Sony's mothership sometime around the end of the month here and in Europe. The Japanese are also seeing a new white PSP for 19,800 yen.I wonder if we'll ever see white PSPs....I guess that's one of the great mysteries of the world.....just like what would happen if pigs could fly. To the PS2 pricing situation, Sony said they don't see why they should drop the price to under $149 when it's selling so great, so they're going to wait a couple of months. Stay tuned for more Sony news soon!

Today is Sony headline day!

Today's the day we've all been waiting for for months and months. Sony's shot out about 10 HUGE things about the PS3 and PSP [seriously, it's all pretty hard to swallow at once], so today we'll be making countless posts about all of it, which means today is Sony day! Stay tuned for all the news!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ninja For Hire

This is so freaking awesome. Definitely watch this, it's crazy. Seriously, this guy should try out for Ninja Gaiden or Prince of Persia.

New Junk From Google

Yes, that's right Goggle's cousin Google has released more junk for people with too much time on their hands [A.K.A. you] to play with. It's about the Google Earth stuff. But just because it's about Google Earth, doesn't mean they're trying to care about the environment, no, that would be too nice of them. They don't fool me. O.k. They're making a deal with VW to set up a GPS system on Google Earth. Before they do this however, they're going to amp up the graphics to "unprecedented levels of detail and realism". Once it's done though, you'll be able to get real-time traffic updates, gas station prices, restaraunt opening times, and more. As of now, you CAN use the GPS system with the way Google is now, but it's not very useful. Just like a cat in a very wet bathtub, useless. Whenever it's announced when this will be done, I'll let you know. Now, dun da dun! Here's Linky with your link! Now for the other part of the story, Google has gone to check up on E.T. If he lives on Mars... Wait, E.T.'s not on Mars, he's on Earth! I think he goes by the name of Kevin Pereira.... Anyway, yes, Google has gone to new heights with their Google Earth program. They've sent up rockets to Mars and they're building Google Mars right now. It's being updated as we speak, and it's already partially up. I think it's pretty cool that you can look at Mars whenever you want. It'll be easier to prove that people actually are living on Mars......because they are......I just know it!.....unless Joe [the hobo] lied to me......Oh well, it's up partially and you can check it out in a second. Wait for it. Waaait for it. Hey look! There's Linky! Done done done.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Jeeves, Jeeves, Where For Art Thou Jeeves?

The other day I flipped on my tv to watch a little. On was a weird commercial with people acting like monkeys. Weirded out, I was wondering what this commercial was promoting. Then one of them went on their computer and went to Now I and many other people would recognize the web address of as Ask Jeeves, but no. Now our beloved Jeeves has been fired from the house of ask :-(. Now if you go to or or some other one that was once AskJeeves, you will be sent to the new and improved But Jeeves will not be forgotten and live in our browser's history forever. So here is a little tribute to Jeeves by having a load of pictues of him on!! Yay. So good bye Jeeves, hmm, I wonder who is next.

New PSP confirmed

With all the rumors floating around like butterflies in a spring meadow (I did NOT write pet bee Hal.....he just said "hi folks") about a new PSP, Sony had to do something about it. Well, they didn't, but Ain't It Cool News has done it for them and CONFIRMED that a new PSP with a 4GB Hard Drive and a digital camera will be released. Whether or not they can be trusted, I don't know. If it's true, then it could mean a price drop for the original PSP, or maybe discontinuation. If this isn't true, then I think Sony might sue them for pretending to be Sony and announcing a new product. What do I think? I'll be mighty pissed if 4 months after I bought my PSP, Sony came out with another. Just like I am at Nintendo for the DS Lite. Oh well, we'll just have to sit around like good little chimps and wait to see what Sony has to say. It's the Return of LinkyTM to bring you to the full story!

The Unit

In the art of finding new TV shows to view, one must throughly enjoy the show before they can view it on a regular basis. Sorry about that, my cat just typed that when I wasn't in the room. She has an IQ of 213, if you care. Anyway, I decided I'd check out this new show that premiered last week called "The Unit". Want me to tell you about it, hmm? Whatever you say buddies. Well, it follows a division of special ops soldiers who "don't exist" outside of the government that risk their lives on undercover mission all across the world. It's the kind of missions where you act before you have time to think about it. In one episode they had to rescue a nuclear monkey from the dungeon inside King Kong's nose. Yeah, it's that kind of missions. Yeah. Ok, so the main soldiers in the Unit are Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert), Bob Brown (Scott Foley), , Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick), Mack Gerhardt (Max Martini), Charles Grey (Michael Irby), and Hector Williams (Demore Barnes). It also has parts about their families back home. On the first episode, they were faced with a plane hijacking. It was on the runway with 4 terrorists and 125 passengers inside. After some investigation, the found out that they had a sniper in the woods telling them when people approached the plane. They also found out that they had a bomb on the ship. How'd they take them down? Took out the sniper, set off flashbangs outside to distract the terrorists, and infiltrated the plane. That kind of gives you an idea of what the show's about. Alright, now it's time for my take. Overall, I thought it was a good show. That could be just because I've been reading a lot of Tom Clancy books lately, but either way I like it. It really resembles Rainbow Six, which is cool. The one thing I don't like about this show is the part where they go back to the life at home. It's all about how the wives deal with keeping their husbands' secret safe, and it doesn't really fit with the action of the show. Anyway, overall, if you like war, Tom Clancy stuff, or are just looking for a good show to watch, check out The Unit on CBS, Tuesdays at 9PM Eastern. It just premiered last week, so you should be able to pick up on it pretty easily.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Balls in Space! Otherwise known as Spaceballs! Review!

When you see guys wearing balls on their heads, you know you're watching Spaceballs. At least you will after this review. This is a Star Wars spinoff just so you know, but it's so different you may forget it's supposed to be Star Wars. It's based on the last trilogy, and it's dang funny. I mean, when you see midgets that look like mickey mouse dancing around the desert singing the Barney theme song, you know you're watching a funny movie. The main characters are: Lonestarr [Luke], Princess Vespa [Leia], Darth Helmet [Vader], Barf [Chewbacca], and Yogurt [Yoda]. So if you've seen the Star Wars movies you know the basic plot, but it's a little different. Basically, it's all about balls. Balls. Balls. Balls. Balls on dudes heads. Oh yeah, the Storm Troopers are called Spaceballs. It's got all the main Star Wars moments, balls style [whatever that is]. Just so you know, Helmet doesn't like his Balls. He thinks they're stupid and annoying. If I didn't say already, this movie is funny. It's also really unique. You won't see industrial-sized blow dryers, pepperoni pizza spheres called Pizza the Hut, robot maids that suck and blow, balls combing deserts, and The Schwartz in any other movie. The special effects are..ehh...but then again this is from 1987, so it doesn't really lose anything on my score for that. The cast is pretty good. Mostly unknowns, but a few stand out such as Bill Pullman. Spaceballs is definitely the best Star Wars spin-off I've ever seen. Then again, that's not saying much seeing as it's the only Star Wars spin-off I've ever seen. For the $5 it is now, you have to check this out. Spaceballs gets 3.5 [half a ball? that's just weird...] big white balls out of 5.

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