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Friday, September 30, 2005

This week's TNT is Dyn-o-mite!

The Game Boy Advance SP in Pearl BlueWow a lot has happened this week in Tech. First of all, the iPod Nano's just blew up in Apple's face. Tons of people who bought them had broken screens within like a week. Of course Apple is going to replace them, but this is just showing how fragile they are, which is a bad thing. I mean really, what's going to happen next, will they start breaking in half easier then potato chips? The next piece of news is about the Nintendogs/DS bundle that Zam toldThe Nanos break in half on purpose - it adds portability you about last week. He said they were coming in teal, well, they have also decided that all the little girlys out there need a pink version. It has been announced that they will cost $150, and include Nintendogs: Best Friends, a Nintendo DS, a bone shaped screen cleaner, and a Nintendogs DS skin. If you are asking yourself what Best Friends Edition is, I am going to tell you so slap yourself in the face and be quiet. It is regular Nintendogs with the 6 starting dogs being, Lab Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepard, Beagle, Yorkies, and Dachshund. I would buy this if I didn't already have a DS, I might still buy it though, I want the bone shaped screen cleaner. By the way, it is being released on October 24th. RESIDENT EVIL IS COMING TO THE DS!!!.......In Japan........That's right, RE is being turned DS, and once a game turns DS, there's no turning back. In Japan it is being called Biohazard: Deadly Silence, which in English translates to Resident Evil: Deadly Silence. Sadly, no date has been set for a US release of RE:DS (That is kind of odd). For some very stupid reason, Nintendo is coming out with 2 new GBA:SP colors. WHY?!?!?! TheThe Nintendo Revolution is breaking out its big guns! Micro is out so really, no one wants an SP. Anyway, the 2 new colors are Pearl Blue and Graphite, how special. Nintendo is really laying back lately, first LOZ: Twilight Princess gets delayed, and now they are delaying Metroid Prime: Hunters. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE???!!??? At least they have given a good reason, they are adding online multiplayer, which is a welcome feature. A little note, Animal Crossing DS is now Animal Crossing: Wild World. Sadly, we have to wait to December 5th to taste the AC goodness. Nintendo is really taking up this edition of dynamite (TNT). Next up to bat is Burnout Legends on the DS!!! FINALLY!!! It was announced before, but now there are a bunch of details on it. There will be 12 tracks and 10 cars, a bigThe Nintendo DS in Pearl Pink, the DS of choice for girls of all ages boost over the PSP version. All of the cars you know and love from the old Burnout games are here, including the '30s Gangster car. Also, in crash mode, you will use the touch screen to steer your car into targets (AKA cars). There is a new James Bond movie coming out in 2006 called Casino Royale. This time James Bond may or may not be Pierce Brosnan, they haven't decided yet. MIT is being cheap and making a $100 Linux laptop, you don't need me to tell you it will suck. Also, some idiots were stupid enough to illegally release Star Wars Episode 3 online a DAY before it came out. For one thing, they weren't making any money from doing it, and two, it was ONE DAY before the movie was released. They wereGoodness gracious great balls of fire! asking to be arrested. In other news, Intel and Microsoft have decided to back HD-DVD, which is a massive deal. This will really affect what next-gen DVD format will be used the most. Also, you know that movie that is coming out in 2007......ummm.......I forgot the name. Oh yeah Spiderman 3, well, it has been proven that Topher Grace will play Venom and Thomas Haden Church will play the Sandman. I don't know about you, but I think Tobey Mcguire vs. Topher Grace is going to be the biggest slap-fight the world has ever seen. As well, the funniest thing I have ever heard on the news happened this week, dolphin assassins armed to the fins with lasers are rampaging in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparentely the navy trained dolphins to kill terrorists with laser beams, and during the hurricanes, they got out. There are 36 , yes, 36 killer dolphins in the gulf. We can only hope dolhpins know theThe shotgun of the future difference between regular people and terrorists. What next? Kittens flying fighter jets? Lambs with rocket launchers? Who knows. The last thing that happened this week is IGN has started to make concepts of what the Revoution controller could do. The first concept I have seen is a shotgun, check it out, it is hot though so have your air-conditioned controllers armed and loaded. That is all the tech news this week, I shall leave now to let it all soak in.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gamer's Opinion: Ubisoft and EA?

Well, today I asked my question to Attack of the Show! in the chatroom, "Do the hosts think it is a good idea if Ubisoft and EA join forces?" (Yes, I am Cheat51 in the G4 chatroom, so if you are there, that is me.) Well, they answered it ON AIR! Laura Foy answered it saying no. So I decided to ask other gamers. What do you think about this? Do you think it would be good. I mean, EA could do some cool stuff to Ubisoft's stuff, like Hollywood Technology in the new game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and Ubisoft could do amazing things for EA's graphics engine. But, together, they could screw up some of the already existing game series, such as the Tom Clancy's games, and Burnout. So, we want to know what you think. C'mon, this is a big thing in game history. So answer in the "Comments" thing. Please, everyone that stops and reads our blog, leave a little thought about it, or just simply just say, "No." or "Yes." It is not that hard. Just, please don't spam. Thanks you. Oh yeah, and Splinter Cell pwns!!


Ton is in da house!

I HAVE MY OWN IDENTITY NOW!!! I am no longer sharing Blogger accounts with Zam. I have finally made my own and I am posting from it right now. Linkofhyrule007. Nothing else to say. [Awkward Silence]


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gather around Boys and Girls....It's Website Wednesdays!!!

Website Wednesdays makes an appearence once again on the GM2 red carpet. This week we are explaining some of the links on our "Links" section on our sidebar. First off, cute little furry animals. Cute, jumping, dying. Yes, dying! Ok, so most of you know about Happy Tree Friends, but for those who don't, let me tell you a brief description. It is a bunch of cute animals that have little cute adventures, and die horrible deaths. Sure it may sound bad, and scary, but it is supposed to be funny. And most are, but some are just ewwwwwwwww. So, go and watch this NOW! You can also see this on Attack of the Show! on G4 Mondays through Fridays, or catch their own show, Happy Tree Friends and Friends, on G4's Barbed Wire Biscuit. Are next one is also a collection of videos. Red vs. Blue is a funny video where some guys play on Halo 2 Xbox Live and make little stories and situations out of them. Some are funny, some are boring, but most of them are just sitcoms. It is an interesting thing to watch. Our next one is This Spartan Life. This also has to do with Halo 2 Xbox Live, pretty much in this one, they make a talk show out of it. They interview people via Xbox Live. It is an interesting thing to see. Our next one is the blog, That's Doug's Life. This is the blog of one of our fellow blogger, and loyal reader d.s. He talks about interesting stuff like movies, tech, sports, and a lot of other things. His opinions are good, and he writes good articles. Go and check it out. Jinx is a t-shirt website. The t-shirts are based for gamers, geeks, and hackers. Some of them are really funny (such as, I am not a nerd, i'm a level 12 Paladin), some are weird (like the shirt that says, Whenever you download music off the internet, god kills a kitten), and some are just YEAH (like, Master Chief is my biach). If you love funny shirts, you will love Jinx. For those of you that don't like shirts, they also feature most of the shirts in Sticker form, and they also have wierd stuff, especially caffinated stuff. Great stuff, check it out. Our last one is Attack of the Show! For those of you that don't watch it, YOU NEED TO!! It is on the channel, G4 Video Game TV. It is on at 7 eastern/4 pacific. This game is about tech, and games, and the web. Great show, you need to watch it. To find out what channel G4 is on on your cable or satellite service, click here. Ok boys and girls, that is it for Website Wednesdays this week, please join us next week, muffins.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Review

I don't know about you, but i think that it is amazing that a retired 50 year old Navy seal can come back and do another mission. Well i do. Yes, of course i am talking about Sam Fisher in his second game called, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow. This game is 100% better than the first Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow on the XBOXone. First the improvements/the good. The graphics have gotten a big boost. Facial expressions look much more incredible. The inviroments look incredible. The story is very good. Apparenly, the same evil agency as the first game, is planning to do an operation know as Pandora Tomorrow. You must stop this operation. The game is still nice and challenging. There are some great weapons and some very interesting substitutes for things that can kill. You still need a lot of patience for this game, but the gameplay makes up for it. The controls are pretty good, if you played the first game, you are a master at the controls. The enemies actually yell curse words! But, they are still as stupid as they were in the first game. "I hear something, what do you think it is?" "Oh, it is probably that guy in the spandex in broad daylight that looks like the enemy, but lets look around the room for no reason to make sure." "Ok." So they don't really say this, but it is that obvious. Although the intelligence of the enemies are not the best, they can aim great. That is about the time when the controls get annoying. Sam then decides he is going to go towards the bullets because they are pretty. So you get it, the AI is not the best, but the game makes up for that. Pandora Tomorrow is definetly a must have to put next to your Halo 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. And now that it is $20, there is no excuse. Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow gets 5 jell-o molds out of 5.


What ELSE could go wrong???

What a day. First, I lost Tips and Tricks Tuesday courtesy of Norton. THEN when Zam was editing the code on the page, the template got deleted. So now, we have to re-do the whole sidebar. A looot of work ahead. Also, Zam and I were going to get our chat questions answered live on Attack of the Show, but they ran out of time. They were supposed to give out copies of Ultimate Spiderman too. Now the blog is giving 404 Forbidden messages too! WHAT ELSE COULD GO WRONG???


Man, I can't believe Norton. It totally messed up Tips & Tricks Tuesday. Awww, don't lose hope, because HERE IT IS!

Hey, Zam here. Like Ton said, I am going to put up some quick stuff, so here it is.


Death Jr.

Pause the game, then hold L + R and press Up(2 times), Down(2 times), Left(2 times), Right(2 times), Square, Triangle. If you entered the code correctly, "Can't touch this" will appear when you exit the start menu.

Infinite ammunition
Pause the game, then hold L + R and press Triangle(2 times), X(2 times), Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Right, Down.


Just for you d.s.

Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles:

Unlock Level 11: Droidekas
Successfully complete the game with Plo Koon

Unlock Level 12: Kaadu Race
Successfully complete the game with Adi Gallia

Well that is all I can put up now, we will make it up next week with a BUNCH of codes.


Sorry guys but Norton totally killed TTT for this week.

I am so ticked off at Norton. Screw it, it is coming off of my PC. Anyway, I was about to finish TTT and I was already late because I was doing a lot of other stuff yesterday. Well, Norton runs LiveUpdate, then says it needs to reset the PC. It said if I clicked 'Ok', it would reset. I didn't feel like resetting right away, so I clicked the close button. Well it decided it didn't care and reset it anyway, and I lost TTT. So, you can thank Norton for the absence of TTT this week. Zam or I might get to putting up some short codes later if we have time. Oh yeah, I also feel like I broke my hand, so I wont be saying much today. Bye guys, and bye Norton.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We want Gamers' Opinions, you're gamers, you have opinions, so you'll do

Breaking News! This is your hometown reporter, Ton, and we have some breaking news!! We are going to try having a weekly "Gamer's Opinion". Starting off, it will just be a question we ask in a post, and we want you to answer in a comment, once we get going we are going to actually make it a poll though. It might be about games, but sometimes Zam and I may wander into other tech topics. I'll start off this thing with a question about consoles. Everyone's probably heard all of the news about the next gen consoles, and people are already saying stuff like, "The XBOX 360 will pwn you all!" Well as much as I do hate that, I want to know your opinions. What next-gen console are you most excited about, the revolutionary Revolution, the spherical XBOX 360, or the powerhouse PS3? Which is making you jump up and down like a giddy schoolgirl? Go to the comments and tell us what you think! We'll be waaaiting.


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Review

Now when you want a good game, I have one for you. This game i am about to review is one of the best games i have ever played. Wondering what it is. It is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I know, I know, a Star Wars game, but this one makes Star Wars look like god. This game may have a long title but it is perfect. Now lets start with the good. The story is amazingly good. You are person that doesn't know who he is put on a mission. You go to many planets meeting others and find out about yourself. You get to team up with many characters which you find on different planets. They get the force power correct, I mean, being Jedis on Ceperatan, and playing this game, it was like training on my Xbox. Also, the graphics are really good. There is a lot to do. It is sort of two games in one. You can choose to either be dark or light. The one you pick affects you and your team. Later in the game about 15 hours in, you finally get a lightsaber where you can chop all those bitches up with your blade. Ok, now the bad. One thing! The combat system is a bit wierd. It is one where you lay out your moves and then sit back and watch yourself kick ass. This is kind of a bad thing because it is more fun with direct combat. But, the level of amazingness makes up for that in everyway. This may not be a long review, but there is no more to say, this game is too good for words. Ok, I am going to try a Ton ending thing, KOTOR gets 5 Lightsaber waving Jedi Masters out of 5.


1000 HITS!!!!!! YAY!!!!

Just few minutes ago, we got 1,000 hits!!! This is big! We are so glad that our blog has become such a hit. We hope all of you enjoy all of it. We would thank to thank all of you. Especially our loyal readers, yes we mean you d.s. Well, on behalf of Ton and I, THANK YOU!!!!

I'M BACK!!!!

Yes, I, Zam, am back. Well, I took a trip away from Ceperatan this weekend. I went to New York City, NY. Oh, what a great city. Also, I couldn't believe my luck. Before I tell you about the luck part, I finally got to play with the GBA Micro! It is a great system, and is about the size of an iPod. Beautiful screen, the buttons are perfect, the thing is great. If you don't have a GBA, get this one! Ok, now to get onto my luck. SHIGERU MIYAMOTO WAS AT NINTENDO WORLD!! Yes, the creator of Nintendo's best such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong was in the States. He was signing from 10:30-1:30. I waited online for 5 hours! Still didn't get to meet him though. I really wanted to, but was unfortunate, but I got to see him! He came out in the window and started dancing and having a great time. Everyone yelled things such as, "Nin-ten-do!" and "Who are you?!" and "Rev-o-lut-ion!" It was great, tons of fun. Being online was really fun. There were so many wireless games going on. I got pwned by this girl named Anna so many times in Meteos. And there was a lot of interesting stuff. This one guy had a GBA Micro Famicom Special Edition he got off eBay, one guy had a perfect condition Nintendo Power Glove (which he got signed), and one guy was playing Jump Superstars(!!!), and one guy was playing EletroPlankton. They also started giving out FREE pizza and water bottles to everyone!! At 8:00am. It was cool. Ok, I will admit it, I am a Nintendo Fanboy at heart, but if I was a true one, I would be there overnight. There were 30 people that did that! The first one in line was from Kentucky, and was there from 11am the day before! 25 hours!! For all of those people, like me, who didn't get to meet him, got a DS skin signed by him. The covers are really cool, but cheap. It was an amazing experience. Oh yeah, and also, MTV was there! They interviewed two guys that were right in front of me. I got in a bunch of shots. Everyone there was surprised that MTV was there, but G4 didn't make an appearance. We were all expecting Brendan Moran to come and make fun of all the fanboys, but he didn't. So, overall, it was worth is. Oh yeah, and also, I did get to see a movie being filmed. The Devil Wears Prada was being filmed in The Big Apple when I was there, right next to the line. It starred Anne Hathoway (HOT). It was cool to see that. So, I had an amazing vacation, and I know you all don't care about it.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Marked Down Mondays - Insert a more creative title here if you feel like it

The Playstation 2 version of Rainbow Six LockdownWelcome to this week's MDM, I have found a lot of great deals this week that I think you'll like. Oh yeah and by the way if you didn't read before, it's Ton instead of Zam today since he's just gotten back. I know he usually does games so I'll do mostly them today. First up, a deal that is not for games, but it is reaaaally good. Now you have no reason to pirate music because I have found a deal - 12 music CD's for $18, I don't know about you but I think that is good. Don't even think that this is a scam, I don't know how they do it, but I've used it once before and it worked without any flaws. They have pretty new CD's, as new as a few months back. The way this works is you get 7 CD's free, then buy one for like $18 within a year, and then you get 4 more for free. If I were you, I'd just do the whole thing at once because if you wait, every 3 weeks they'll email you or mail you (I'd choose email) and they will send you a Featured CDGuild Wars on PC and you have to pay for it unless you send it back (at their expense). You can also just tell them you don't want it. It's easier to just get it all over with at once and nothing else happens though. They've got a DVD deal as well but it isn't the best. I think you should just check it out, no wait, I don't think, I know, go check it out NOW! Next up is a copy of Rainbow Six: Lockdown, the brand new Tom Clancy game, for $30!!! That is like $20 off on a brand new game! I haven't played it but it's probably good since it's Tom Clancy. Oh well just go pick that up. The last deal I have is basically the same as one of Zam's old ones, World of Warcraft for $40. The only difference is this time it's at Amazon so if you don't trust sellers you don't know then this one is good for you. All of the sites we use can be trusted but Amazon everyone knows so they seem to trust it more. Amazon also has Guild Wars for $40 on sale!!! I guess it is like MMORPG week there or something. I hope you find these deals useful and use them all. Ton - signing off.


I'm stylin'!

As you may have noticed in the Burnout Revenge review, it was kind of different. I am going to start writing some of my reviews that way because I am trying out for a job as a professional game reviewer and Zam is too - I need to have a little more professional kind of review for them. Don't worry though, I will still use my original style on a lot of reviews. I'd also like to know what you guys think of that review. Be sure to tune into the blog later to see an awesome music CD deal.


Burnout Revenge Review

Be prepared for your car insurance rates to skyrocket because Burnout Revenge has arrived! How can a game with such a great predecessor be as good or even better? This is a game that shows it is possible, but not without a few flaws of course. Revenge goes back to the style of the first two Burnout games, with many changes that may turn gamers away or bring them even closer to the Burnout series (if they aren't already rubbed up against it). A little note, the opening of this game is pretty much ripped right out of SSX 3 except that it has been turned Burnout, real creative EA.Burnout Revenge for the PlayStation 2

The game modes from the last Burnout games are still present, along with two new additions, Traffic Attack and Crashbreaker. Traffic Attack utilizes the traffic checking ability, having you check as many cars as you can before time runs out. When you get below 20 seconds, every time you check a car, you re-gain time. In the beginning, playing this is pretty fun, but after a while it gets really repeatitive and just plain boring, good thing there are only around 15 in the whole game. However sometimes I do feel the urge to get back at Rush Hour and find myself hoping there is a Traffic Attack soon. The Crashbreaker mode is basically all the regular game modes except that when you crash, you can set off a Crashbreaker if you have some boost left in your ride and maybe knock out a few opponents that would have passed you. This gives you WAY too much power especially since the AI players seem to use silent Crashbreakers that don't do anything or they just don't have any. Of course the regular game modes are still here, you go on 'World Tour' to unlock new cars and tracks to play with your other friends (or if you don't have any, yourself). Road Rage is still here in all its Takedowning glory along with regular races, crash (more detail later), time attack, a new and improved Eliminator, and many more.

The Online mode is back from Takedown with a vengeance. All of the modes from Takedown are back and now Traffic Attack and Crash Tour are available as well. Traffic Attack is WAY more fun online then it is off, even though it is basically the same except with two people. Crash Tour is rather unique, in it you play against up to six players all competing to reach a certain dollar amount by repeatedly crashing at a junction until someone reaches it. The winner is the one who does it in the fewest number of turns. The rating system has been updated too, now there are 50 levels for race and crash and the more people you beat, the lower it goes. Also if you beat people with a level 'lower' then you, yours goes up quicker, and that works backwards as well.

The first, and pretty much the biggest change is the ability to check traffic. Why it is called checking traffic, no one really knows, not even Criterion. Checking traffic is slamming into same-way traffic and using them like missiles to hit opponents. One thing you may notice is that when you 'check traffic', it looks like you're using the gravity gun from Half-Life 2, which is really awesome. The thing is, the real intense suspense that came from not knowing if you're going to run into a car around every corner is gone unless you're going into oncoming. The addition of this feature really does lower the level of difficulty, especially since your opponents almost never use their gravity guns on you. You have to admit that it is cool firing cars at opponents though.

The second way they have edited Burnout is Revenge. Now, when you get taken out, you can aftertouch some, then it shows you the person that took you out and commands you to get revenge on them by calling them your rival. If you manage to fufill the command (if you don't you will be punished by being taunted by the red marker over their car), you get a Revenge Takedown! What is so special about Revenge Takedowns you ask? I really don't know! I guess you get a little more boost and the red marker that was taunting you is now blue again. The horrible thing about Revenge is it really reduces the ability to Aftertouch since is flashes your totaled car for like two seconds then shoves in your face the fact that you got taken out (ha ha!). In the end, Revenge really doesn't do anything good, it's just there...staring at you...Revenge is so SWEET!

Another change that has been made is to Crash Mode. First off, when you start off at a crash junction, you have to swing your club. If you stop the bar in the right spots, you will go very far in life. Also, the junctions now have jumps and there are multiple intersections or something like that to crash into, the last one being the biggest. You need to try to check the first junctions so you get money from them and then fly through and hit the last one making everything go boom. When you go off a jump, you have to deal with wind and trying to steer you car in the right direction kind of like Aftertouch. Now you can set off multiple crashbreakers as well if you hit enough cars. Also new to the crashbreaker ability is having to press a certain button over and over and over and over and over again if you want to make a really big boom. The last change to Crash Mode is the multiplier thingymajigs are gone and now there is a 'Target car' that will give you a lot of money if it is involved in the crash.

The last thing that has really change is the design of everything in the game, from maps to menus. The tracks have been totally changed, most importantly by the addition of shortcuts. They are marked by little blinking blue lights and they are EVERYWHERE. Of course there is a risk involved in taking them, maybe you'll be shot into cross traffic when you exit it, but a lot of times you will get a lot of great opportunities like vertical takedowns. It's just like some old guy once told me: with great risks come great shortcuts. The cars have also been redesigned, returning to the great designs of Burnout 2 which were awesome. I thought it was really cheap imitating real cars the way they did in Burnout 3: Takedown, and I guess they did too. They have redesigned the way you play World Tour kind of too. Each race has five available stars, which you can get from doing cool stuff during the race. Once you get enough stars, you level up and can start a whole new set of races to do. You will probably be very ahead of the system if you are an average player, but it does make you think that you have a lot left to do, which you do.

The graphics in this game are absolutely amazing, they are pretty much the best I have ever seen on a PlayStation 2. It does matter if the shine on a car is a little bit shinier then some other game, but it really matters when there are so many shining cars driving around. I love how when you start going really fast everything starts blurring around you and you really get a sense of the speed your car is going. The sound is, well, ok. I think they would have done better if they had a few more popular songs like Burnout 3 did, but it's still pretty good. One thing I am really happy about is they got rid of the commentator guy, he really got annoying in Burnout 3 and now he has been thrown in the trash, yippee.

I would like to thank all the little people at Criterion for making a great sequel to Burnout 3: Takedown. This is a great game, but don't get rid of your copy of Takedown, because you'll be sorry later. As a matter of fact if you try to sell it to me, I will take it and chuck it at your head repeatedly. In the end, I give Burnout Revenge 5 big fat vertical takedowns out of 5.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

I shall rule this blog!!!

Ton here, I'd just like to tell you all that I shall be taking over this blog!!! Zam is not going to be here till late Monday, and when he gets back it shall be all mine!!! Ok, not really but Zam is really on vacation for a few days and I'm going to be the one doing this week's Marked Down Monday since he is going to be getting back late. I'll put up a few reviews as well I guess. Oh yeah, I just noticed that I didn't put links to the Flash games on Flash Fridays, sorry. It is all better now. Well that's all I have to say for now, and also I have a REALLY good deal for this week's MDM that I think you're going to like.

More Flash Fridays because you asked for it (not really but we like pretending we care what you want)

Welcome another Flash Friday, I have found some cool games that I think you will like. First of all, have you ever heard shoot for the moon and if you fall you might catch a star? Well that's kind of what you do in Shoot For the Sky, except you might hit a cloud if you miss the moon, not a star. The point of the game is to shoot a lamb or sheep (basically something white and furry) out of a cannon at clouds, if you hit a cloud, you get to shoot from that cloud to the next one. You can even gain extra points by cloud hopping (skipping a cloud or two). Next up is a game called Heli Attack 3. This game is very advanced for Flash, it's a 2-d side scroller with pretty good graphics. In it, you are this weird fat guy and you have all sorts of different guns from flamethrowers to machine guns. The point of the game is to defeat a certain number of helicopter/gain a certain number of points. It is actually a lot more fun and a lot harder then it sounds, and I think it sounds pretty fun to begin with. It will even save what level you are on if you ever go back and don't want to start over. Lastly, a game that most people will like. Who didn't love the classic game Brickout? I know I did, and I have been looking for a good version of the game online. I found a pretty good one called Ricochet: Lost Worlds. It is like most other ones but it has like 50 levels and I think it's pretty cool. Also, if you have a little bit of time lying around you might as well check out this game called Robot Rage, it's pretty stupid but if you have nothing better to do then do this. That's all the flashy goodness I've got for you this week, this is Ton, signing off.


Nintendo DS review

What's silver and has 2 screens? This thingy!Sorry that DS week has kind of been spread out, we've kind of been busy. Now to finally end it up, a review of the DS. This two-screen touchable wonder is surprisingly cool. First off the features are great, a microphone, 2 screens, one touch screen, wifi multiplayer, and soon online multiplayer for free thanks to Nintendo. Thank you Nintendo for making everything weirder then it already is. This is a really cool handheld like I said before, it's very innovative, except it's uniqueness (weirdness) makes it kind of hard for developers to make games for it. Developers aren't really using the DS's abilities very much either. The DS is available in Electric Blue and Silver. It has a download play feature for multiplayer so if your friends don't have a certain game that you want to play multiplayer on, you might be able to download a kind of demo to their DS so they can play. Another cool feature is the Pictochat, it is preinstalled and it lets you chat with your friendsAHHHH GHOST STYLUS!!! wirelessly using pictures and text. Obviously it can play DS games and also GBA games as well. It doesn't play movies like the PSP does :-(. Then again the games are microscopic, which is a good thing/bad thing, I'd rather not lose a game I payed $30 for. That's right, the games are like $30-$40, unlike greedy Sony who wants $50 for the PSP games. Also, as of now the DS is like half the price of the PSP at $130. Oh yes did I mention that it doesn't use memory cards like the PSP does (Yippee!), it saves right on the game like Game Boys have always done. I have said PSP too much in this review. That pretty much closes it up. I give the Dual Screen DS (I don't think thats a coincidence) 5 stylus rubs out of 5. (Check out Meteos and Nintendogs if you get one!)


Friday, September 23, 2005

I wonder what came out this week....Find out in Release Recap

Now it is time for Release Recap. In Release Recap we tell you about all of the games that came out and are coming out this week. First let's start off with games that were released exclusily for the PS2. There were 4 games. They were, Genji: Dawn of The Samurai, S.L.A.I. Steel Lancer Arena International, We Love Katamari (YAY!!!) and DICE: DNA Integrated Cybernetic Ent.Myst V: End of Ages for the PC Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is a hack and slash game, where you save Japan from guys trying to take over. Very Japanese based. S.L.A.I. Steel Lancer Arena International is a mech game, (not another one). It is pretty much based on a future sport. In this game, you play a bunch of mech competitions. Sounds interesting, like a Madden 06' with robots. Yes, i know, DICE is going to be for the GBA, but that hasn't been released yet, so I get to talk about this one (haha Nintendo). So, the DICE game is based off of the "popular" tv show. Basically, it is a team of guys riding Dinosaurs, so they made a game out of this, (yippee). Now, for the PS2 game you have all been waiting for, We Love Katamari!! Oh how the name is so true. We do all love that unique style game known as We Love Katamari, and it was finally released, and it has co-op!! YAY!!! Ok, next I will list the games that came out Only on Xbox. 1 game. Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. Kindom Under Fire: Heroes, is a new addtion to the series. It brings some more things from the last one, 7 new characters, and some other things for you to control. Next, the games Only for the munchkin system, the Gamecube. Also only 1 game. Battalion Wars. Battalion is a RTS style game. This game offers a bunch of vehicles for you to The XBOX version of Ultimate Spidermandrive around, and blow up cartoony bad guys with the comfort of you A button. Next, the PC (and some for Mac and PC). There were a bunch this week. America's Army: Special Forces, Myst V: End of Ages, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - Game of the Year Edition, and the best one, Real Deal Vegas Casino Experience. America's Army: Special Forces, is a spinoff of the free online game that is trying to get people to join the army. This has more pizzazz to it, adding more weapons, and enviroments. Myst V: End of Ages, goes by its name, it is the last one. This game is much more beautiful than all other Myst games. This game picks up right where the other one lets off. Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War - Game of the Year Edition is pretty much Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War with more environments. And, the PC game you have all been waiting for, Real Deal Vegas Casino Experience! This is of course a gambling game, but it is based in Las Vegas, YAY!! Ok, we kid, it is just gambling, nothing more. The PC always gets a ton of games. Next, we have the ones that came out for the PSP (moviesWe Love Katamari for the PS2 know what you are saying, "But Zam, Madden 06' came out week ago." Well, it wasn't released included). Madden 06', Big Daddy, The Longest Yard, Lords of Dogtown, and Frantix. Now I for the PSP until this week, (oh poor PSP owners). I really don't need to explain this game, I will sum it up in one word, Football. Moving on. Two Adam Sandler movies came out for the PSP this week. Big Daddy (why so late) and The Longest Yard. Pretty self explanitory. Lords of Dogtown is another UMD movie that came out this week. That movie is pretty much guys skateboarding, and getting girls. Frantix is puzzle games that offers a ton (as an adjective, not Ton) of levels. So many puzzles to keep you busy for hours. Nothing came out for the exclusively for the DS, and nothing good came out for the GBA (except Barbie: Double Pack), so lets move on to the multi-platform games. A nice list of 5, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06', X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, Tak: The Great Juju Challenge, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Gretzky NHL 06'. Tiger Woods 06' pretty much golf. It The PSP version of X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocalypsecame out for pretty much everything. Next, X-Men Legends 2, came out on pretty much everything too (except the DS). This is the sequel to number one (duh). The game offers more mutants and enemies. Sounds cool. Mortal Kombat: Shoalin Monks came out for almost everything as well. Pretty much all you have to say about this is, a fighting game. And everyone has probably played Mortal Kombat, so you know what I mean. Tak: The Great JuJu Challenge, is the third installment in the Tak series. This game was released for almost everything, but is probably going to sell more on the Gamecube. Tak brings a nice co-op play, and is a nice platformer. Ultimate Spider-Man is the game everyone has been waiting for. It is based on the popular comic-strip, so that is the game style.In this game, YOU FINALLY GET TO TAKE ON VENOM. Gamers and Spider-Man fanboys has been waiting for something like this on the consoles for months, even years. It is definetely going to be one of the top sellers. Gretzky 06' is hockey. That is all you pretty much have to say about it. So a lot of games came out this week. Hope you play them all. And I hope you enjoy this post where i use Next way to much. Yeah!!


Thursday, September 22, 2005

What is going on this week in Tech?.....Find out in Tech News Thursdays

It's Thursday, which means it is time for Tech News Thursdays!! There is a LOT to cover today. First, lets start off with some big news, EA is one step closer to becoming the next Microsoft. Their publishing rival, Ubisoft, may be sold to them. CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, stated that the company would be open to "The Right Offer." This is big in the video game market, we can only imagine what EA could do to Tom Clancy's video game line, and many other popular Ubisoft series. Who knows what will happen, next up is that EA is going to own you soul. They already own the rights to almost every sport on the planet. Now lets move along to a product just released today, The Game Boy Micro. It is the smallest Game Boy ever made, they say it is about half the size of an iPod, but i doubt that is true. It comes in an odd box, very odd box. The Micro is said to have the clearest screen, but it may seem like it is hard to see, but is it pretty perfect. Now, for out next news story. Google WiFi. People have just discovered software that lets them connect to a free internet service. It was Google's, they just set up some FREE wifi hot spots near their main headquarters. Such as some pizza places and gyms (because you would rather go on the internet than excersice). This is pretty much commercialism for Google to make people use their search engine. Smart though. They are apparently trying to compete with before companies that offered free wifi such as, JiWire and HotSpotVPN. Moving on, there is exciting news in the browser market. The company, Opera, has just released their browser in a free, non-ad, version. For those of you that are not familiar with Opera, they originally had software that costs $345 a year, which was full of ads. They were known for thier browser that went on Pocket PCs because of it's small size. Now they are ad-free! This is great! They are doing this to compete with Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's Internet Explorer who offered their browser software for no charge, and ad-free. They will probably win because of the Pocket PC users, using their software. You can download their new, free, browser here. Moving along, Nokia, the World's leading mobile phone maker, has sold thier One Billionth phone. Of course the buyer of the phone won the Nokia home game, and a free ice cream cone. This is big for Nokia. They are probably having parties and sipping champaine as we speak. Now, one more story. For all of you people that wanted a Teal colored Nintendo DS, and also wants Nintendogs. Well, this holiday season, Nintendo is releasing a Teal colored Nintendo DS that is packed with a copy of Nintendogs. This will make Nintendo a lot of money, and will give all of you a good deal if you only want the DS for Nintendogs. So, wait until this holiday season to see it on shelfs. Now muffins, that wrappes up this week's Tech New Thursdays. Come back next week for more tech news.


Release Recaps are extremely portable!

Ton here, I just have a short post to put up. If you noticed that we didn't have a Release recap this week, it's because Zam and I have decided that we are going to start doing Release Recaps on Fridays instead of Tuesdays because of the way we have the segments set up, we don't want either of us to be loaded down on Tuesdays. Also, then all of the games for the week will have been released as well.

Nintendo Revolution Controller

That's a nice Revolution controller caseThe Nintendo Revolution controller. It explaines it in itself, it's weird. It is from Nintendo people. Well, Nintendo has finally announced and shown off their new controller at Tokyo Game Show 05' in Japan (lucky japanese). The controller is in a remote kind of style. So now, if you lose the controller, you can say the ever popular phrase, "Darn, I lost the remote!" Ok, so it is weird, but this is no ordinary remote, it has the controlles on it. This is going to feel WEIRD in you hands. So, you probably won't get this remote mixed up with the T.V. remote. Now, there is an analog stick, but one thing, it is an attachment! Oh man, that is Out of the box. This is actually pretty cool. I mean, easier to hold. Now on the remote controller (the main one), on top there is an on and off button, a D-Pad, A button, then the select and start button are in the same row, but with the home button in the middle. Under that is the usual B and A buttons, then 4 lights labeled 1-4. Probably to tell you how many controllers the Revo can read.I see the future...and it's white Under that is the classic Nintenod symbol, and under that is the slot to connect attachments, such as the analog stick. On the back is a weirdly placed B trigger, which is weird because there is already a B button. Now on the analog stick attachment, there is of course the analog stick, and 2 Z buttons. Yes 2! Who knows what those are for. Apparently there is no R and L trigger, so we are still wondering what is going on with that. Now, there is no C-Stick, but that is ok. You know why? The controller is you C-Stick!! "What?!" you ask, well, the thing has a sensor that is used as the C-Stick. Move it left, the camera goes left, move it right, it goes right, and so on. This is really, really cool. The only problem with this, is that if you move it slightly by accident, it moves. This will get annoying. We are hoping that is not the case. The thing is wireless, which is good.I see the light..must move towards the light My thoughts on the Revo controller is that it is going to change the video game controller market forever. It is a very "Revolutionary" controller, very original, very surprising, very hopeful. I will enjoy using this controller. Ton's thinks that this controller will either bomb, or succeed. He thinks that the controller is great for FPS'. I agree, the analog stick in the other hand, and the sensor aim, great for them. We want to know what you think! So please leave comments. One of our loyal readers, d.s., says, "I'm not feeling the controller. It's different.I hope they have a controller that will match my clothes...that would be like so cool It might end up being truly "revolutionary", or it might put Nintendo 6 feet under. I think this is a big move by them, very risky. I'll have to try it somewhere else before I would decide to buy it." He makes good points. Check out his blog, he has more about his thoughts on the Revo controller. It is called, "That's Doug's Life. My thoughts, My life, My blog". So we want to hear from you. Leave us your thoughts, if you come by our blog, try leaving a thought instead of leaving a link to "female body simulator" or "adult sandwich selling." Leave you thoughts.


This is not egg-xactly what you asked for when you said you wanted another Website Wednsday

Welcome to Website Wednesdays. Good to see you back again. I like….PIE. This week we have a website that really makes you go “what the crap is this?” This is a website devoted to a few eggs that are a little bit scrambled and they love PIE. I am talking about Weebl and Bob, 2 eggs, yes I said eggs, that love pie and love to be stupid and have their own show online. This has to be the absolute stupidest thing I have ever seen, but it is very very funny. It is entertaining to watch how stupid they are and watch them try to defeat their enemies who have about the IQs of watermelons. They add a new episode from their little egg in Britain about every week. If you click on the link to go check it out, look under episodes on the sidebar and click full list to see every single episode they have had of the “show”, if I were you, I’d check out the episode called ‘cleaner’, it is hilarious. They even have Weebl and Bob schwag for when you can't seem to get enough eggy goodness. That’s all folkses, I command you to go check out Weebl and Bob now!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I want something cool to happen to these games......That is why there are Tips & Tricks Tuesdays

Ok, I am doing Tips & Tricks Tuesday this week, (YAY). I can hear you jumping with joy. Today I have a collection of Halo 2 glitches, and some cheats. Maybe a Hot Coffee code if you are feeling lucky. Well, my first Halo 2 glitch is an easy, yet very cool one. It is a flying thing. Here are the instructions. This is only for multiplayer. So here are what you need, a buddy, two controllers, an Xbox, blablablablabla, you get it. Then go to a multiplayer map that is big with a Banshee and a Warthog, (Coagulation would be best). Now grab a Energy Sword and do the following. One of you go and drive you Warthog to a nice little road area. The other take the Banshee to the same place. Now when you both are in the same place, (here is when it gets pretty hard to understand/explain), line up the back of the Banshee with the passenger's seat of the Warthog. Ok? Then, the one with the Energy Sword, needs to get into the passenger's seat. Once you are inside the banshee, the other person should get close to you. Close enought to you to where the aim thing turns red. Then press and HOLD the right trigger. If you hit your friend and he lays helpless on the floor, crying for chocolate milk, YOU DID IT WRONG!!! But, if you were lucky, and smart enough to follow my instructions, then you would still be in the seat. Now, the other person that is being aimed out, (and is scared to death about being sliced), he should get into the Banshee. Once in the Banshee, he need to fly it in a straight line away from the Warthog with the back still aiming toward the passenger's seat. Once the person in the Banshee gets as far and as high as he can, the person in the passenger's seat should press X, WHILE STILL HOLDING THE R TRIGGER. Then you will fly towards it. It looks really, really cool. My next glitch is how to hold No weapon at all in you hand. This is handy if you want to be a camera man in one of those Halo 2 shows. Such as This Spartan Life or Red vs. Blue. All you need to do is to change the rules to Oddball. Now, go to the options and set the first weapon as the Plasma Pistol, (the charging one). Then, start the game. Find the Skull, hold the R trigger, don't let go. Then, quickly go over the Skull while pressing (but not holding) X to try to pick it up. Repeatedly press it while going over. If done correctly you should be holding nothing. This is awesome!! Looks really cool. Next, our some cheats (oh boy). These cheats are for the game, Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. To put a code in at the main secreen you need to go to "Extras," Option, and select "Code Input." Then highlight "Enter Code String." When you enter a code correctly, you will get a confirmation on screen, and then you have the option of turning the code on or off (but why would you want to turn these off?) There are a ton of codes, but I am only going to tell you 7 (why 7? Because i like 7.) SMASH10 will give you an additional 10,000(!) Smash Points! Dang! BRINGIT (oh, what a code) will double the health collectable value. Here is an interesting one, to turn the game Black and White, type in RETRO. Now the next codes requires you to have a Comic book icon during gameplay. You need this. The first one is a straight forward one, DESTROY. That will double the Hulk's damage values. YAY! A funny one is when you can replace those pesky missiles in the Outskirts with Cows, just simply type in CHZGUN. To have an alway fun one is low gravity, to do this simply type in PILLOWS and watch yourself walk like the moonmen. And the last one, is where you can get an additional 15,000(!!!) Smash Points, just type in SMASH15. Now this concludes my Tips & Tricks Tuesday, I know, I wish it wouldn't end either, but we need small posts for those people with Dial-Up. Hope you enjoyed it gamers.


Super Mario 64 DS Review

Super Mario 64 DS on the...ummm......DS I thinkOh Mario. Mario Mario Mario. As you may have guessed, I am reviewing a Mario game, Super Mario 64 for the N6......I mean DS. How horrible your first DS game is, I never would have guessed. Nor would I have ever bought it, that's why I didn't, I got it free (and was FORCED to play it because I didn't have any other DS game right away). Well..It's a good game....but it is the exact same as the N64 version. Oh wait it is a little different, you start as Yoshi not Mario (Only difference I notice is one is red and one is green and together they make a christmas tree), but still if you've played the N64 version don't even bother touching this. Speaking of touching, there's nothing to touch (or poke, rub, or slide) in this game, it uses the touch screen little to none. The only thing it uses it for is menus and mini-games, which by the way are the best part of the whole thing (I am talking about the menus not the mini games). The minigames are actually very fun and make good use of the touch screen. Oh yeah and in the actual game you can play as 4 characters, a redI am big fat gray block...FEAR ME!!! plumber, a green plumber, a fat dude, and a green rolly thingy. The graphics are good for the DS though. Mario's hat has never been redder or rounder. The sound, well, it's Mario, and Mario music is madly annoying after a while at least to me. Let's see, there's multiplayer. Yay... I am really very happy and I am just not showing it (not really). Lastly, this game gets old fast. VEERY FAST. I think it got old after 5 minutes but most people say it's more like 2 weeks so I guess I listen to them.There's not much else to this game. It is not really worth $30 for an old game remade with new mini games, also it really doesn't use the touch screen to it's full ability. This would have been better remade for the 'Cube instead of the DS. For non-originality, not using the DS to it's full potential, it just being a plain remake, I give Super Mario 64 DS 2 Mama Mias out of 5. If it was on Gamecube it would be 4 out of 5 but it isn't so, go read a good book, which is just as portable as a DS by the way.


Monday, September 19, 2005

More cheap stuff for cheap people in this Marked Down Monday

Hey it's me, Ton Ton Ton! This is my first Marked Down Monday, and I have some good hardware deals. First of all, everyone has shunned wires from their houses, and if you're one of the few who hasn't well you should go pick up this Logitech Wireless Desktop and even get some free speakers. It's not exactly the keyboard with the most buttons, but buttons aren't always good, sometimes they're evil and try to take over the rest of your keyboard (I's happened to me). Next up, a set of speakers from Logitech that seriously will rock your world. Go check them out here, this is the 2.1 version, I have the 5.1 version of them and they are awesome. Since these are only $30 and the 5.1 are $95, I'd just pick up the 2.1 especially since the cables are reeeeally short on the 5.1 and it's hard to get them behind you (I am messing with that as I type this). Next, in this age of growing hard drive capacities (as in every 10 minutes there is a new hard drive with 100 GB more released), you really should get around 300 GB if you can, and now Best Buy is making it much easier with this Seagate 120 GB Internal Hard Drive for only......$35 AFTER MAIL IN REBATES!!! This means if you only have one CD or DVD drive or something like that in your PC, you can put 360 GB in for around $100!!! That is greeaaaat. Also this week at Best Buy, you can get a BFG/Nvidia AGP graphics card with 256 MB of RAM (Which you all NEED so you can play Battlefield 2) for only $120, mind you it isn't a 6800 GT, but it is still 256 MB, but BUT it isn't PCI Express, then again if you're cheap enough to buy this, you're probably too cheap to have PCI-E too. It also doesn't look at cool if you have a case with a clear door and you can see the card. What else, what else? Oh yes, if you don't have an LCD monitor yet, you probably should get one, I wonder where you could get one.......maybe here would be a good place to check. Really if you still have a CRT like I do (unless you LOVE that CRT), you should spend the $200 to get a 17" LCD. Lastly I saw this and just thought you would like to know about it. At Best Buy, they have some rather new DVD's for $10 this week, including Spiderman 2, Elektra (I don't see why everyone says that was bad, I love it), The Aviator, Ocean's Twelve, and a few other good movies. Also as we get closer to the end of the year, the deals I show you on hardware should be getting better and better since I am planning on making a gaming rig at the end of the year and I want the best prices I can find. If any of you want the planned specs, I guess I can share them. An Intel 3.0 [or 3.2] Ghz processor, 1.5 GB of Corsair DDR RAM, An Nvidia 256 MB 6800 GT PCI Express Video card, 200 GB of storage, Logitech Surround Sound, and maybe a ViewSonic 17" LCD Monitor (All subject to change). I am done now, Alakazam!! [I am gone]


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Meteos Review

Meteos for the Nintendo DSMeteos, oh Meteos, oh how I love Meteos. Now I shall explain my love of Meteos for the Nintendo DS in a review. First of all this is a very good game. It is very weird how both the PSP and DS's best games are puzzle games. The good stuff about this game. Well. The graphics are good. Little blocks look great in Meteos! The gameplay is preeeetty simple. It's like Tetris but different. You use the stylus to move bricks up and down columns to make rows of 3, 4, or if you're lucky 5. Once they make rows or columns, they'll blast off. Before you say goodbye to the Meteos however, you have to meet gravity. Yes, gravity, oh how meaaan gravity can be, pulling down those Meteos that you wasted your time shooting up. However, you can be mean back by making more rows or columns of Meteos in the one you sent up, or shoot up some from below to push the ones already up there up more. Got that? Oh you don't? Too bad.I think those Meteos are lonely down sad That's pretty much all there is to the actual game. Let's see. There are 30 planets which I think you are firing off of, all of them have different amounts of gravity and different kinds of blocks. The thing about the gravity has to do with how fast or slow the Meteos go up, how far they'll go, and sometimes if you can't launch blocks in certain ways easily. An example is you couldn't launch a row of Meteos up the if you only tried sending up one set, but if you set up a second one under it and launched it off right after, they would go up lightning fast. There are a few game modes, Time War, Simple, Deluge, and Star Trip. Star Trip is the most fun, you get a path of planets you have to conquer, there are 3 different types of paths, and I think 2 of them have missions on each planet. There is wireless and no online, and you are an idiot if you thought it had online when Nintendo hasn't even started their online yet. The wireless has download play, so you can download the game to other people's DS's so you can play with them without them having a DS. The cool thing about this is you can unlock tons and TONS of stuff out of the Meteos you have launched. Stuff including music you can listen to and new planets to launch from. Speaking of sound, there is so much variety in it you will never get bored of it. One last note, a cool little thing is that you can drag the buttons on the menus around. Oh yeah and there is nothing bad about this game. This is a good, solid, and very puzzling game. It is also 5 Meteoses out of 5.



Hey guys it's Ton. You might have noticed I've kind of not been doing much in the last week or two. Well I was taking a vacation sort of, but I AM BACK!!! Now I am doing some stuff for DS week, I just bought Burnout Revenge (it's reaaaally cool) so a review shall be in order too. We hope you like the new segments and every thing. This is Ton...Signing off.

Oh yeah by the way what do you guys think of da Revolution controller?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Man, I want to play a good game on the Internet....... that is why there is Flash Fridays!!!!!

Yes, we have finally finished our new segment reveal. Now we are back to the first segment that we revealed. FLASH FRIDAYS!!! Yes, that little humble of annoying joy is on the internet and we are telling you about the best ones. Thank you Macromedia! (Oh why :-(, sad) Well today's Flash game is a pretty popular one. Guess The Google. You have probably heard of this and played it non-stop, but for those who haven't, here is an introduction to it. Guess The Google is a very fun game where they show you images from Google Image Search, and you have to guess what word was typed in to get that results. Confused? Well let me make it simpler for all of you who lost your brain in Halo 2. So, they show you a series of pictures, then you see what you would think those pictures would come under if you searched at Google. Still confused? (It is sort of hard to explain) Say, if you have every used Google Image Search, when you type in a word such as cheese, it comes up with things that have to do with cheese of course. Well, in this, they searched, got pictures, so you have to see those pictures and see what you think they searched for to get those pics. Ok? Well, it is a GREAT game, a fun thing to do when you are bored. A very different game. Ok, now I have a surprise for you all. I am going to add in another Flash game today because I feel like it. So, you saw in Tech News Thursday about the newly revealed Nintendo Revolution controller just revealed yesterday. Well, I know you thought that i was creepy, so I have something for you. It is called the Nintendo Controller Fake Editor. The Nintendo Controller Fake Editor was made before for people's guesses on the controller, but this is a perfect time. So, you can play around there and put what you would want the Nintendo Revolution controller to look like, or just have a little fun. This is also a GREAT flash game. Ok, that wraps up my Flash Friday thing. Now remember, good games can be free and easy, and on FLASH!!!


Catch Up on all the recent Tech News in Tech News Thursdays

Hey guys it’s almost the end of the week and we’ve introduced all of our segments….or have we? WELCOME TO TECH NEWS THURSDAYS!!! First of all, the big news this week is the iPod Nano. BREAKING NEWS!!! THE NINTENDO REVOLUTION CONTROLLER IS A MYSTERY NO LONGER!!!Aaaah a ghost! Oh wait it's a Nintendo Revolution, easy mistake, it's just as weird.THAT IS RIGHT IT IS REVEALED AND IT IS WEIRDER THEN WEIRD (see pictures and you will understand)! No, I am not kidding, this is the real controller. IT IS A REMOTE CONTROL WITH A HANDHELD JOYSTICK! Of course there will be more attachments other then the handheld stick thingy. To make it odderer then it is already, when you move the actual controller, it will control the game. That will be very good for FPS games, but it could be just down right annoying some times. I don’t understand it either but then again I never have understood Nintendo, and now I am lost beyond being found. I am looking into the future and I see Nintendo’s Revolution sales being very bad. Ok returning to regular news, the iPod Nano. It is smaller than a penny! Not really, it is actually like the size of a credit card. Now you can’t tell me that isn’t small. Well actually you can but I am not going to listen. It is going to be available in white and black for you Goths out there. The Nano is available in 2 GB and 4GB capacities. They have color displays too, so now you can look at black and white music lists in color! The problem is that they are $200 for 2GB and $250 for 4GB. If you really care about size, the NanoNintendo - Making the future look weirder and weirder every day is for you, but I think I will stick with the regular iPod for only like $100 more and a ton more space. Good luck getting one though, they were just released and Best Buy is already sold out, the world is being Nanofied as I speak! Also, since the world has been Nanofied, the world is being un-Minified. That is right, the iPod Mini which we all know and love so dearly is being discontinued! Yes, I know this is horribly sad, but we all have to move on. In other news, Ebay has bought the free (not for long) internet calling program, Skype. Maybe when you buy something from Ebay, you’ll get minutes on Skype. It’s just an idea people, take it or leave it. Why Ebay bought this company, I have absolutely NO idea. The next crumb of news this week is the XBOX 360 tentative release date has been set back to a real release date. You have to wait 20 more days for your XBOX 360, how sad for you. That is right, it’s coming out on November 22nd, instead of the earlier guess of November 1st. In other other news, iTunes and Motorola have released a phone. It’s called the ROKR, but this is far from a roking phone. First of all, $250 freaking dollars with a 2 year agreement. That is not that bad part though, it will only hold 100 songs!!!! I say you might as well just buy a Motorola RAZR and an iPod Shuffle, but it’s your money to waste. A small tidbit of news, Ricoh, the reaaaaaally old camera maker company, has announced their next digital camera, which will be 5 megapixels. Last big news this week is that Microsoft announced that their new OS, Windows Vista, will be available in 7 versions…WHO NEEDS THAT MANY VERSIONS OF ANYTHING? Oh yeah that’s right, Apple iPod. Let’s see if I can say all of these right, there is the Starter Edition, Home Premium Edition, Home Basic Edition, Enterprise Edition, Small Business Edition, Professional Edition, and Ultimate Edition Wasn't the iPod Nano supposed to have color? I just see black and white(you should buy Ultimate Edition, the biggest waste of the most money). No prices have been set as well as no details on how you will upgrade from XP to these different versions. They’re all pretty obvious, Standard is standard, Home basic is home edition, home premium is improved home edition, Enterprise and Small business are something for businesses, Professional is Pro edition, and Ultimate is what I will be buying because it is for gamers. That pretty much sums up all the Tech News this Thursday.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nintendogs Review

Now for another exciting review for DS week. I know Ton was supposed to do one today, but he was really busy making our new segment and special surprises coming up soon, while i sit on my ass and watch X-Play on G4tv. But anyway, Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS was just recently released in the US. Now that game does look like a cute girly game, but apparently every owner of a DS (especially guys) want this game. Like some of my friends are going to get all three versions. They are pretty much the same games with different covers. All it is is a 3 hour fest of going AWWWWWWWWWW. I have played the game and it is really boring to me, but it is really cute. It is a bit of a comfort and out of the ordinary game. And it has a lot of wireless features like playing with other peoples' dogs. You can train your dog in it to become a good catcher of Frisbees, or tennis balls. It is a lot of tapping and rubbing the DS stylus. At the end you can even put it into tournaments to see who is the best and the cutest dog ever AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Well it does seem like and oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook game. It sold like sushi in Japan. Well it does deserve a 4 out of 5.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kirby Canvas Curse Review

Now, to start off DS week with a kick, here is a review of Kirby Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS. This is a very fun game. Apparently Kirby has been turned into a little ball by a witch. The game is basically you Kirby Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DShaving to go around and keep Kirby from hitting any little spikes because he doesn't want his little bubble bottom hurt. You do this by drawing Rainbow lines with the DS stylus. There are not only spikes but enemies too (YAY). Amazingly enough, there is not sucking and blowing involved!! (that may be bad for perverts though). He apparently absorbs them into his little ball body. The good things about this game are.... The levels are really fun, in them you go through and collect these special coins to unlock minigames. You can choose which boss you would like to battle. That is really good because if you suck at it you can always choose the easiest one. This game has a nice sidescroller graphics system that is very smooth. The bottom screen is used for gameplay, when the lonely, cold, worth nothing, top screen only does, how much rainbow you have left, lives, navigation, and a few other worthless things. Overall, this game is a very fun and enjoyable experience on your DS. A 4 out of 5.


I hate lame websites...That is why there are Website Wednesdays

Ok, now before we start DS week, I am going to introduce you to our new segment for Wednesdays, Website Wednesdays!!! Today's website is a search engine. But this is no normal search engine. It is called Gizoogle. It is pretty much Google, but it turns all of your search results gansta' biach! It is so funny. If you search for a subject like cheese, it turns the results gansta'. So if you go to Google and search for cheese, the first result is, CHEESE.COM - All about cheese!. Everything you want to know about cheese. Extensive search features. - 14k - Cached - Similar pages. When you search on Gizoogle, the first result is the same exact site, but the description is, CHEESE.COM - All `bout Cheese!. Everyth'n you wizzant ta kizzle `bout cheese. Extensive search features. - 14k. Get it. It is really, really fun and funny to do this. There is also a text transilator from regular talk to Tizzle talk. Type anything in and it turns it gangsta'. There is also links to games and some top websites. This website is great for a good laugh, and if you do speak that way, it is a way to search in your language. So go to this site to laugh you ass off, biach!!!


Yes, last week was PSP, now it is DS week, I know what you are thinking, they are going to debate them in the end. are right. We are going to have a battle for them. So this week we will review DS games and Ton will have a review of the DS (Ton is a Nintendo fanboy). So join us as we play with our styluses and give you the review. (Yes, that did come out wrong).

Cheat your way through life with Tips and Tricks Tuesdays!

WELCOME….to Tips and Tricks Tuesdays hosted by Ton (valid today only). In this segment, we will be giving you game cheats, hacks, modding tips, and much more. Today, I will have a few cheats and a tip or two on device speed. First up, a hack for my favorite Star Wars game so far, Battlefront. This will work on all systems and it is hilarious. When signing into the game after you first turn it on, enter your name as Jub Jub. Once you do this, when you play all your Ridge Racers on the PSPcharacters will be midgets. Yes, Baby Wars has finally caught on like I knew it would. It is so funny to look at an anti-air turret and see a little dot in it instead of a regular person. If this gets popular enough, maybe they’ll change Episode 3 to Star Wars: Revenge of the Babies! Moving on, I have an over clocking (kind of) tip for all you Pocket PC Users like me. First of all, buy yourself a GB memory card so you can store all your stuff somewhere. Don’t know where to get one for cheap? Hmmm I wonder where you could get one (Psst there’s a link to a 1GB card for $60 here!). Once you have done that, clear off everything you have put on the memory of the PPC. Then go into Settings – System – Memory and pull the slider as far to the left as it will go. That will transfer all the memory to running programs, so you can game away next time you are at a meeting or at school. Next up is Nintendogs for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo thought they would be smart by making 3 versions of the game and putting different dogs on each. Well I did not want to spend $90 so I found a way around it. When you reach 2,000, 4,000, 8,000, 10,000, 14,000, and 17,000 trainer points (the little things you get when your dog sparkles,I wonder what this is.... shiny shiny!), you will unlock new dog breeds. Also, when you find the Jack Russel Book item, you unlock the Jack Russell Terrier, and when you find the firefighter hat, you unlock the Dalmatian. You can unlock 4 new types of houses to buy at certain trainer point #’s. There is even a space station you can live on, the weird thing is that when you go on walks from it, you still are on Earth, I guess you have a Star Trek crew member and you told him to beam you down. Last in this dog eat dog world of ours, as you gain trainer points, you unlock items that you can buy. To finish this T&T Tuesday, I will give a cheat or 2 for Ridge Racers on that nice little thing called the PSP (Whatever that is). First, when you are entering a race, on the track and car confirm screen, hold down Select so you can sing Zoom Zoom Zoom. This will unlock unlimited nitrous oxide! The other Ridge Racers won’t stand a chance against my continuous stream of blue fire!!! One other odd thing is if you drift into a turn, it will steer through the curve for you and keep you in the middle of the road. That is it, it is over. I hope these trick and tips help you!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

PSP Review!

Now, for the big finale of PSP week. For the finale I will review the PSP! Yes, the amazing PSP in which everyone wants. This is one that everyone wants. First, the good, like all game reviews. The screen is nice and big. You can see everything clearly. Such as, the games, the videos, and the cool graphics. There is an analog stick! That is really, really cool. And it works very interestingly. The system is very SEXY. Yes, SEXAY. It looks great and it is going to come in different colors too later. There are so many hacks for it. You can watch movies for free, browse the net, charge with a USB 2.0 connecter, put GBA games on it, put games such as Tetris on it, and sooooooo much more. The graphics are incredible on the games. They are the best graphics of any handheld machine ever made. They are incredible. Look crisp clear and actually a little better than the PS2 graphics. The machine can hold soooooo many things. It can hold music, movies, games (not UMDs), and pictures. This is amazing. There is online play on some games. Which is great. Now you can only play online if you have wireless. LIKE MY SCREENAME, WIFIGUY51. In Wipeout Pure you can download content. That is awsome too. Also, Sony has just released version 2.0 of the PSP operating system which you can download at their website. This new system has a built in web browser! Ok, now, the bad presented by me. There is only one analog stick (more like a nub though), so we are probably not going to see a Katamari Damacy game anytime soon. I wish there were two nubbies. There is no R2 or L2 button, which i guess is ok. Most of the games are just being ported from the PS2 with different names which is weird. There is no built in memory, you have to pay $100 to just get 1GB of space, which sucks if you want to put movies on there. The games cost $50 each. That is waaaaaaaaay too much. Also, the system is $250. Which is also waaaaaaaaaaay too much. Ok, so if you want great handheld games and a great handheld machine, then you better get this, if you can afford it. So i give the PSP a definite 5 out of 5.

Put the cap back on this week's releases with Release Recap!

Be Cool on UMDTime to introduce our next segment. Drum roll please. It’s called……RELEASE RECAP!!! THIS SEGMENT OWNS ALL! Seriously it’s actually not very useful but we put it in anyway. In it, we look back (or ahead) to show you what games are coming out this week. Sound boring enough? Oh well deal with it. This week, a bunch of games are coming out. You want to know what they are? Well. You don’t always get what you want, but this time you do I guess. Let’s see. First of all, this is the biggest release week I have EVER seen, and I have seen a lot of release weeks. I guess we’ll start off with Sony’s greedy release of 2 Everquest expansions on the same day. They want $15 a month and still they make you buy so many expansions you’re wallet has been stuck in a drought ever since Sony started making online games. Oh yeah the games are named Everquest 2: Desert of Flames and Everquest: Depths of Darkhollow. There’s a new flight simulatorBURNOUT LEGENDS FOR THE PSP!!! that looks like the biggest waste of money in the world. It’s from a weird company called Shockwave and it is called Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory. There’s Digital Devil Saga 2 for PS2 – yet another RPG (I’m getting tired of them making a new RPG game every 2 minutes). They’re porting a boring game to the XBOX so they can make more money from the idiots who buy it. I am talking about the game that looks the same no matter what you do in it – Dynasty Warriors 5. These games are so boring I am falling asleep talking about them. There’s a kind of odd looking game for PS2 and XBOX called Evil Dead Regeneration which I really don’t know what to say about. Probably will suck. They’re releasing a new version of GTA:SA for XBOX with no Hot Coffee. Like whoever doesn’t already have it isn’t going to buy the original. Nice way of fixing the ‘problem’ Hilary Clinton, Gripshift for the PSPyou’re about as smart a brainless zombie (if that isn’t what she really is). Also this week, Gripshift, the game that Zam previewed earlier in PSP week. So far, that looks like only thing worth buying. Medieval Resurrection for the PSP, a very odd looking game based on the Playstation Medieval series. Urban Reign for the PS2, another fighting game, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. A new RTS Squad Assault: Second Wave bla bla bla. World War 2: Battleground Europe for PC, an MMO game, not MMORPG, just MMOG. Iiiiinteresting. Also a few new UMD movies including American Pie 2, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (WHHHHHY????), and Pulp Fiction (A movie based on non-real orange juice……). Now it is time to pass over the mic to the Flash Previews Channel for our 3 word or less previews. Here goes. Animaniacs for Gamecube and XBOX, Junk. Barbie PC, Barbie GBA, Barbie GBA, TRASH TRASH TRASH. Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures for allBURNOUT REVENGE FOR THE PS2!!! 3 consoles, not worth $30. Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy, GBA Junk. Elf Collections for PC, Whatever t’is, Trash. Lego Bionicle: Maze of Shadows, weird game. Marine Park Empire, What the heck? Power Rangers: S.P.D, Explanation not needed. Weird gambling games, Don’t buy them (You’ll get addicted and lose tons of virtual money). Caterpillar Construction Tycoon, 5-year-old game. Cinderella GBA, Cinderella PC, THE PAINFUL PAIN!!! That is it. All of them are G-A-R-B-A-G-E. I missed a few games whoops. Rhem 2, don’t touch this game, I played the first and it was horrible. Lastly, BURNOUT REVENGE (PS2 and XBOX) AND LEGENDS (PSP)!!! DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON ANYTHING ELSE WASTE IT ON THESE!!! By the way I will have a review of Revenge in about a week. Finally we are done. My tongue is hanging out…..I look like a dog……I am tired….and these games have given me a disease called Game Sucktitis. I shall be tending my wounds while you read. Goodbye and goodnight.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Hey All Of You Cheapskates.....It's Marked Down Mondays!!!

World of Warcraft on the PC Yes, the second of our new segments is Marked Down Monday. MDM is for gamers (and hackers) on a budget. So we show you some great deals on the internet. I am doing games, and Ton is doing tech. So lets get on with our firstHalo 2 COLLECTOR'S EDITION for the XBOX one. The addictive World of Warcraft friends online and killing cute little bunnies? But you can't afford it with its. Don't you miss out beating all of your $50.00 price tag. Well now you can. At they are selling it for $41.99!!! This is great for you. Next up is the Halo 2 Limited Collector's Edition. That is Conker: Live and Reloaded for the XBOXright collector's edition!!! When Halo 2 came out, it was $49.99, and the Collector's Edition was $54.99!! That is a lot. But now, has it for $39.95!!!!!!!!!! Amazing deal!!! You save $15.04!! Ok, now it is the best for last. Conker Live & Reloaded just came out with a hefty price tag of $50.00, but now you can get it for $29.99 with a free gift at EB Games. The gift is a special disk with interviews with the makers, making videos, and tons, tons more. This is a great deal for all of you cheap bastards. So this is our first of many Marked Down Mondays. Thank you and may all of you games get nice, small price tags.


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